Love For Music

Will Your Kids Share Your Love For Music?

Don’t you just hate it when your kids roll their eyes and tut when you put on your fave tracks? Then they complain that you only ever put on ‘old’ music. Needless to say, your quality grooves are timeless classics that every kid should be honored to hear! Still, what probably worries you more isn’t so much their personal taste in music, but rather their lack of passion for it overall. It’s a huge part of my life, so how can I sit idly by and let it fade out in their lives?


It’s important to bring music into your kid’s lives. Don’t just stick with your favorite genres though. Be open to the talents of today that aren’t quite your style. And don’t forget all the styles that came before you. How you expose your children to all this music is up to you. You don’t have to make it formal. You probably wouldn’t get much out of having a sixties ballads day or an eighties soul day anyway. But the odd track from a back catalog now and then could be quite enjoyable.

Love For Music

It’s not all about listening to music either. Encourage your kids to make music. Lots of schools have all but removed music from the classroom. Some still have bands and tuition though. Introduce your kids to a variety of instruments. Street performers and buskers can be helpful here. Just stand and watch and listen. Talk to your children about the sound and the actions involved. Are they interested?


Music lessons don’t come cheap, so you need to pick the instrument of choice together. Always check reviews of the different instrument makers before committing to the purchase though. If you want a piano, then start with something like this Williams legato review. If you think a saxophone is a better choice, you could even talk to a teacher about the best student instrument. Hiring might be an option too.


Many parents and their children fail to realize just how much practice is needed between each instrumental lesson. Most teachers would say that practice should be daily and include the ‘boring’ bits like scales and technical exercises. Getting the most from lessons and the music requires a structured practice session each day. This is where parents can get really involved. It also helps your child develop self-learning techniques as they experiment with their sound. It’s a terrific way for them to spend their spare time. It might even be a valued form of entertainment for the rest of the family too.

Love For Music

Of course, not every child sticks with their music lessons or their first choice for an instrument. That doesn’t mean that money has been wasted. You’ve given your kids the gift of music making, as well as a useful education. Who knows, they may come back to it one day soon, or even in the distant future when they’re all grown up with kids of their own. Music is such an important part of life. No wonder so many parents are keen to share their passion for it with their children. You might never share the same tastes in musical styles, but at least you give them every opportunity to build their love for music.

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