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Arranging An Unforgettable Bachelor Party or Stag Do

It’s always exciting when a family member or friend decides to get hitched. After all, you have a wedding to look forward to. But if you are given a role, it can come with pressure. Not only will you have to find a good suit and even plan a speech, but you might oversee the stag do. And if you have never arranged one before, it can be quite overwhelming. Therefore, here are some tips you need to arrange an unforgettable stag do.

Bachelor Party

You need to choose a destination

The first thing you need to do is decide on where to go. It might be that you choose to stay in your hometown as it’s the most convenient place for everyone. Or if you want to leave your friend or family member impressed, you ought to go for somewhere further afield. It might be a place you have been on holiday before, or even a popular stag do destination like Las Vegas! After all, it will leave them impressed if you go somewhere amazing. It’s a clever idea to talk to the groom about whether there is anywhere they fancy going. It can help to rule out certain places if they don’t want to travel far. Or it might give you innovative ideas of destinations which they will love for their stag do!

You need to consider accommodation and transport

The next thing to decide is whether the stag do is going to be a day or a long weekend. Some people prefer to just have a day, while others want a chance to spend some time away. If you are going to stay for a couple of days, you will need to hunt down accommodation. Therefore, start considering hotels which will be suitable for the trip. It’s worth telling them there is a group of you so that you get a discount. It’s also a clever idea to get some transport sorted for the stag do. After all, it might cost too much to just keep getting taxis. You might want to consider hiring a bus from companies like Las Vegas Charter Bus Company to help you get around. That way, you can ensure you all get from A to B together without getting lost!

You need to think about appropriate activities

You also need to turn your mind to activities for the stag do. After all, you want everyone to have an appropriate time. If your friend or family member is active, it might be a good idea to consider doing some form of sport. Or if your friend loves a good drink, you might want to go on a beer crawl. Talk to him first before you arrange anything for the stag do. After all, they might be full of ideas of what they fancy doing. And whatever you arrange, make sure you talk about the cost first with the other guys. You don’t want something struggling to pay up. And make sure they are appropriate for everyone; you don’t want an under-18 having to miss out on it all as it’s just a long drinking session!


And remember to not put yourself under too much pressure. At the end of the day, they are bound to love anything you arrange!

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