Formal Wedding
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Suit Up: What to Wear to a Formal Wedding

Formal Wedding

Getting wedding invites is always an exciting feeling. Aside from the fact that a family or friend is getting hitched, attending such a lovely celebration is one for the books. We immediately scour through the details of the ceremony, including when and where it will be held. And then we look to the dress code and we see all sorts of terms such as cocktail, white tie, black tie, and all those labels. When we are rarely exposed to such celebrations—and when our fashion game is at the bare minimum—picking the right attire is such a risky move. Don’t be the “standout” at the wedding, especially with the wrong outfit. Here’s everything you need to know.

White tie

Out of all the dress codes, the white tie is the most formal. The bride and groom most likely take the outfit requirement seriously, which means you have no excuse to get it wrong. A white tie dress code requires a floor-length gown for women and a tailed tux with a white bow tie for men. Yes, it’s that specific.

Black tie

The second-most formal wedding dress code, a black tie requirement usually means that the wedding is happening in the evening. For women, you may either go all-out with a floor-length gown or opt for a dressy cocktail dress. For men, a tuxedo with a black bow tie or black vest is a fine option. Don’t forget to put on your cufflinks.

Formal/black tie optional

This dress code can be tricky sometimes; as it means guests will be wearing formal yet not “too formal”. If that’s such a mind game for you, a dressy cocktail dress, a formal top and long skirt, or a sleek pantsuit may be worn by the women. For male guests, either a tuxedo or a dark suit and tie will be appropriate.


The semi-formal plays somewhere between formal and chill. Also known as the dressy casual, this dress code simply requires a dressy skirt and top combo or a cocktail dress for women. Meanwhile, a suit and tie will suffice for male guests. Remember to choose a color that matches the time of day and the season that the wedding takes place.

For the bride and groom

Now let’s not forget the attire for the entourage itself. Depending on the type of wedding, specifically where it is held, the entourage can range from formal to semi-formal too. For the groomsmen, the groom can distribute personalized groomsmen socks to go the extra mile. Your mates will surely appreciate the gesture. For the bridesmaids, the bride may copy the concept of personalized groomsmen socks and have each of the girls’ robes embedded with their own names.


Now, that’s making a statement.


Such a lovely celebration requires an amount of preparation not only in the part of the marrying couple, but also in the guests who have been chosen by the couple to take part of their momentous event. While the act of showing up is the most important, showing up in the appropriate look will be more gratifying for both bride and groom.

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