4 Sports That Are Great
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4 Sports That Are Great for Kids to Try

4 Sports That Are Great

In the contemporary world, it can be difficult to get the kids to go play outside. With a wide range of other activities available at their disposal including television, video games, and other interesting things on the web, kids often tend to overlook the benefits of playing outdoor sports. Hence, it is up to you, parents, to get the kids interested. Before introducing your kid to a sport, you should identify a sport that is age-appropriate for your kid. For instance, toddlers are too young to participate in organized sports; however, they will do well with unstructured free play such as dancing, running, and swimming. Here are 4 different sports that are great for kids to try.

1. Baseball

Millions of children dream of being professional baseball players and it is a great sport for your kid to try. Young children love throwing things around. So, why not teach them how to play ball instead? They can get started with tee-ball before moving on to baseball. There isn’t a dearth of local baseball teams your child can be a part of and most of these teams are members of the Little League Baseball organization. And, the league usually lasts for three months. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about keeping your child occupied.

2. Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. And, contrary to popular opinion, the sport is really picking up in the United States too with the U.S Youth Soccer Organization boasting of over 3 million players. Children as young as 4 years old can be a part of the organization. However, we’ll warn you beforehand; playing soccer can be quite addictive. At the same time, it can be extremely effective in helping your child build muscle strength, have greater flexibility, increased coordination and self-confidence. Your child will also learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, and fairness when playing the sport.

3. Cycling

Cycling can be categorized both as a sport and a fun activity. Children, as young as 2, can try their hand at cycling, albeit with tricycles. And, as they grow older, they can then upgrade to a two-wheeler. Every kid holds on to the memory of their parents teaching them how to cycle; therefore, you can provide your kid with a wonderful memory to cherish by teaching them how to cycle. Cycling can provide your kid with cardiovascular fitness and also help increase leg strength. In addition to that, your child will also have better balance and coordination through this form of exercise.

4. Field Hockey

Field hockey is team sport largely popular throughout Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Australia, and parts of America. The sport can be easily played by kids above the age of 9-10. Playing field hockey has many benefits; it can provide your child with a great cardio workout largely because of the start-stop nature of the game. Since the core and leg muscles are used regularly while playing this sport, your kid can experience enhanced muscular strength from playing this sport. Since this sport involves passing and receiving a fast-moving ball, your child will develop quick reactions and improve his/her balance, agility, and coordination. Here is an in-depth review of field hockey; https://www.fieldhockeyreview.com

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