Being A Dad
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Being a Dad Doesn’t Have to Mean Looking Like One

Everyone makes jokes about how uncool dads are. There’s nothing good named after dads, from dad dancing to dad jokes. It’s like they aim to be embarrassing – and they often do, because what could be more fun than embarrassing your child? But just because you become a father, it doesn’t mean you should start looking and acting like one. Well, you do have to step up and be a father, but that doesn’t mean being an uncool dad. Just look at how many legends of rap and hip hop are now fathers, and aren’t suddenly wearing tucked-in shirts and socks with sandals. You can learn some great lessons from them about being a dad and still looking good.

Being A Dad

Dress Smartly, But On-trend

The first rule of looking good as dad is to avoid being too scruffy. Dressing up your look when you’re attending an event might not be too hard, but you should also try to look slick when you’re dressing casually too. Take Kanye West, who even at his most casual still looks impeccably dressed. When you think of options for dressing smartly, or smart-casual, it’s essential that you think up-to-date. A short-sleeved button-down and tie might have been an acceptable smart-casual outfit once, but it’s not exactly on-trend today. Think beyond rented tuxedos and off-the-rack suits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Some Bling

You might think that as a dad, you’re too old (in years or feeling) to be too flashy. You might want to blend into the background a little more. But just because you’re a father, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace some bling now and then. Some hip hop legends you can regularly find rocking some shiny jewelry include Future, Usher, and Pharrell, who all have their own styles when it comes to accessorizing. Find some inspiration from Frost NYC and other brands to discover what your style is. You might like something subtler, or maybe sometimes you want to go all out.

Learn to Accessorize

Apart from some sparkling jewelry, there are several other ways you can add accessories to your look to up your coolness factor. There are also some items you should really try to avoid. “Dad caps” might have had their moment in the spotlight, but they don’t look so cool if you’re a middle-aged dad. Focus on accessories that are eye-catching for the right reason, from a slick pair of shades or a quality watch to a sharp tie.

Make Dad Fashion Look Good

What if you are drawn in by some of the typical dad styles that your kids would be embarrassed to see you wearing? Well, it is possible to make some of them look good. Take the cardigan, which is maybe more of a grandad than dad fashion item. Get the right style, and you can make a cardigan look contemporary and cool, instead of out of date.


If you want to be a stylish dad, follow the example of your favorite stars in the music business, as well as actors and other celebrities.

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