Energy Costs
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The Top Myths That Boost Energy Costs At Home

Energy Costs

The price of energy is becoming more and more of a problem for the average homeowner. Quite simply, the cost is skyrocketing and people like you and I must find ways to survive. But, instead of blaming the supplier and government for not pulling their weight, we can look at ourselves in the mirror. Sure, it isn’t your fault that you must pay more, but self-pity doesn’t help anyone. What does help is being proactive, and homeowners can start by busting myths that increase energy costs. Here, then, are the main ones to put on the back burner.

Turn the Thermostat Up

When it’s cold outside, it is tempting to run to the thermostat and turn it up. However, thermostats use products which help maintain a steady temperature. To find out more, you can go to As such, you only increase the amount of energy you use by turning it up a few notches. Also, most people get too warm and end up wasting energy and money in the process. The trick, although it doesn’t sound appealing, is to keep the temperature at the current level. Otherwise, your bill won’t look any different. In fact, it may get worse.

Energy Costs

No Connection So No Circuit

Do you leave things plugged into the sockets? If you do, the odds are you won’t have the switch on because it uses electricity. However, if there is nothing in the socket, some people don’t turn the switch to off. The reason is a lack of understanding of how energy suppliers work. In simple terms, they believe they are not using any energy because nothing is plugged in or in use. The reality is that providers do not care. If the switch is on, the energy is flowing to the outlet and charging you for the privilege. Also, if the device is warm there is a good chance it is using electricity.

Run Appliances at Night

To be fair, this hack does come from a reliable source. You see, running appliances at night can save you money depending on your tariff. For some reason, certain suppliers charge less at night than they are during the day. It probably has something to do with popular usage time. Anyway, this trick only works if you have the right deal. If you don’t, there is no difference between running appliances at night and during the day. So, the hassle of waiting until the evening to wash and dry clothes may be in vain. To find out, check out for more info.

Energy Costs

Renewable Energy Is a Fraud

No, it isn’t, and that is worth remembering. Yes, there are features which don’t suit everyone, such as the cost. And, some sources like solar and wind are less effective in certain conditions. However, they do still work even if it is cloudy or a warm day with no breeze. Also, people do make money from renewable energy after a while. To begin with, a turbine or panels pay themselves off, and you can sell power back to the grid.


If you believe any of the above, that may be the reason you pay so much per month.

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