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Practical Tips to up Your Gardening Game: Equipment and Soil


It’s the season for being outside, and when you have a bit of time off, what better place to be than in your garden? Making it look its best is a great project for the summer; if you’re a bit late this year, you might as well get started right away and make it look spectacular next season. I’ve dug out a few of the best tips and tricks for your basic gardening needs – whether it’s to plant and grow vegetables or if you want a splash of color in your life.

The plan

The best gardens start out with a good plan and a good hose. There are several things to consider, and your first step is finding the best spots in your garden. Spend some time on studying your garden and notice where it receives the most sun and which areas are more shaded. When you know you want to do a bit of gardening and would love it as a hobby, you can start by thinking about what kind of vegetables you like to eat. If you never return from the farmer’s market with a bundle of carrots, it makes little sense to plant an entire bed of them. The same goes for the rest of your family; don’t focus on tomatoes if you’re the only one who’s going to eat them. Unless you want to hand over your fresh and ripe produce to the neighbors, that is – which is nice of you, by the way, and not a difficult decision at all.


The same mindset applies when planting flowers, too; pick the colors you like and watch them flourish all over the garden. Different plants require various levels of shade and sun, and if you’re planning to plant vegetables you should make sure they get at least eight hours of sunlight; it’s all about the sun when you dig out the beds for your new plants. Look at this handy guide, by the way, to make it a bit easier.


The Equipment

A handsome garden is about more than plants and greens. It’s also supposed to be a nice way to spend your time, and it’s good for your health as well as your entire family. Get a hold of the right equipment and make sure it stays fun; start with a few solid hand tools for pruning, an ergonomic shovel to keep your back in shape, and a pair of good boots and gloves to protect your feet and hands. It’s an ocean of great stuff to choose from out there; WorkBootCritic has several great reviews on boots you can use in your yard, and you can take a long look at this article for other tools that could revolutionize your gardening experience.

The Soil

The happiest plants in nature are those who live in good-quality soil. Good soil contains everything we humans would dislike; litter from plants and animals which micro-organisms decompose, making it accessible for the plants to use. We’re talking organic material, and you should try to replicate the way nature would have preferred it by adding a lot of bark, leaves, old plants, and even scraps from your household can be taken advantage of by using a compost heap.


It’s better for the environment, too, and you can feel confident that your plants are living in the kind of soil they would have chosen if they had the option.

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