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Fatherhood Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Yourself

There is no denying that parenthood is one of these things that can completely change your life for the better. However, it doesn’t mean – and should never mean – that you have to forget everything about who you were and what you enjoy to focus on your role as a father. Becoming a father is an extension of the person you are; it isn’t a replacement or the new personality that you need to play until the day you die. Too many parents – mothers and fathers included – tend to fall into the trap of redefining themselves when they have a child. It is as if they wouldn’t allow themselves the pleasure of having exciting passions and looking after their health at the results of becoming parents.

In reality, you can gain in embracing parenthood as an additional role that completes who you are, instead of completely changing your persona. There’s nothing that says that you can’t be a dad and maintain your hobbies and fitness. You can gain from fatherhood, and the kind of father you will be can gain from you remaining true to yourself.


1. Fatherhood and Passion

If you are a passionate individual, there is no reason for you to stop once you have a child. Imagine that you’ve always had a knack for music. You can be sure that your baby will love a nighttime ballad to go to sleep. Picture yourself a few years later teaching your teenage son how to play a good old rock classic on your Gibson ES-335 – or any other guitar, there are more electric guitar types here – and immediately becoming the coolest dad on the estate. Or maybe you love cycling? You can always take your child on a tour and develop a special bond between you two and nature. Keeping your hobby doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good dad, especially if you share it with your child.


2. Look After Your Body

Fitness is important, not as out of vanity, but because a healthy dad is a better father, as explained here. But you can look after yourself and still be there for your child at the same time. Why not plan a sporty weekend together? Your kid will love to be part of your activities and to train with you. Also, don’t forget to set the example by eating all your greens. They are healthy, and they help your body to function. Besides a good dad is a role model, and that starts by eating the right food.

3. Make Time for What Matters

Making time for yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved with your kids. Indeed, it’s important for the healthy development of your child to grow up with a dad and to interact with him. In other words, you can be involved in their everyday life and let them get involved in yours too. Having a hobby or even getting fit is nothing that should be solitary. Being a good dad means that you can share who you are with those who matter the most to you, namely your children. Don’t they say that sharing is caring? Share what you care about with those you love.

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