Great Balls of Fire
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Daddy’s Hangout Great Balls of Fire PPV Review

Great Balls of Fire

With so much going on in the world of wrestling I almost forgot we had a PPV. We started things off with Austin Aries being released, A.J. Styles winning the U.S. title at the Garden and Dixie Carter appearing on the WWE Network. WWE rolled out the first-ever Great Balls of Fire PPV, which was headlined by Brock Lesnar defending his title against Samoa Joe. For me, this is one of my dream matches as they seem like they would match-up well against each other. Cesaro & Sheamus also defended the tag titles against the Hardy Boyz in a 30-minute Ironman Match. Alexa Bliss defended her Women’s title against former 3-time champ, Sasha Banks. The Miz also defended his Intercontinental championship against Dean Ambrose. In the much-anticipated Ambulance Match, we saw Roman Reigns battle Braun Strowman. Let’s see how things turned out.

Great Balls of FireWe kicked things off with Bray Wyatt taking on Seth Rollins. Honestly, I don’t know why they’re feuding as I thought Bray was targeting Finn Balor, who’s not on the card. Either way, these are two of my favorite wrestlers on the roster and I just hoped they would deliver a good match. The match started out slow with Wyatt dominated, but Rollins quickly mounted offense that got the crowd going. Rollins went crazy on Wyatt after he slapped Rollins and told him to fight him. In the end, Wyatt poked Rollins in the eye, hit Sister Abigail and left with the victory. Winner: Bray Wyatt

Match Rating: 3.5/5- I’m thinking this feud is far from over as I think they’ll face each other at Summerslam.

Great Balls of FireWe had best friends, turned enemies as Big Cass battled Enzo Amore. Coming into this match, we knew this would be a David versus Goliath type of match. As expected, Big Cass dominated the entire match and he’s was over as a heel, which is a good thing. Cass picked up Enzo towards the end of the match and tossed him out of the ring into the barricade. Enzo barely made it back to the ring and he was getting up, but was met by a Big Boot from Cass for the win. Winner: Big Cass

Match Rating: 2/5- After the beatings Big Cass gave Enzo on Raw they should’ve kept Enzo out for a few weeks leading to a match down the road.

Great Balls of FireCesaro & Sheamus defended their tag titles against the legendary Hardy Boyz in a 30-minute Ironman match. This was the first time this kind of tag team match ever happened in the WWE if I’m not mistaken. Right out the gate Sheamus nailed a Brogue Kick on Matt to pick up the first fall. They brawled for a little longer and Cesaro & Sheamus took a 2-0 lead after hitting their finisher on Jeff. Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb on Cesaro to finally pick up a win for the Hardyz. The champs went up 3-1 when Cesaro rammed Matt into the ring post and he was unable to get back in the ring. The Hardyz quickly picked up two falls to even the match at 3. It seemed like the Hardyz were about to win when Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb, but Sheamus wasn’t the legal man and Cesaro rolled him up. Cesaro ran around the ring to run out the time and retain the titles. Winners 4-3 and Still Tag Champs: Cesaro & Sheamus

Match Rating: 4/5- Awesome match!!!

Great Balls of FireAlexa Bliss defended her championship against Sasha Banks. As we all know, Banks won the Gauntlet Match to become the #1 contender for the title. The match was good as both ladies did their thing. During the match, Alexa Bliss hyper-extended her arm during the match that baited Sasha Banks, which was cool. Coming into this match I knew that Bliss would retain, but I didn’t know how. Like I thought, she retained the title, but it was via countout when Bliss walked out. Winner: Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss Is Still Champ

Match Rating: 3.25/5

Great Balls of FireMiz defended his Intercontinental championship against former champ, Dean Ambrose. I’ll be honest, I’m hoping this is the last meeting these two have for a very, very long time. This match was all about Ambrose fighting off Miz’s entourage and Bo Dallas’s outfit. After so many distractions, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale to retain the championship. Winner and Still Intercontinental Champ: Miz

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Great Balls of FireRoman Reigns battled Braun Strowman in the Ambulance Match. These two have beat the hell out of each other for most of the year. This match was no different as they beat the hell out of each other and it seems like they keep upping the ante. In the end, Strowman picked up the win over Reigns by tossing him into the ambulance. Reigns emerged from the ambulance to start beating on Strowman and waling him with the ambulance door. Afterwards, he tossed Strowman into the ambulance, tossed the driver and drove off with Strowman. When he got backstage, Reigns drove the Ambulance into a production truck with Strowman stuck in there. It took a while for EMT workers and the Dallas Fire Department to get Braun from the wreckage. Winner: Braun Strowman

Match Rating: 4.25/5- After Strowman emerged from the wreckage, he was beaten and bloodied, but he refused help as he disappeared behind the trucks.

Great Balls of FireWe had the main event as Brock Lesnar defended the Universal title against Samoa Joe. Before the bell rang, Samoa Joe attacked Brock Lesnar and took the offense to him like no other. Lesnar fought back, but Joe continued to fight back with Lesnar. Throughout the match, Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch and Lesnar took him to Suplex City. Brock picked up Joe for the F5, but it was reversed into another Coquina Clutch and it seemed like Brock was about to tap. After it seemed like he was fading, he picked Joe up and delivered the F5 to pick up the win. Winner and Still Universal Champ: Brock Lesnar

Match Rating: 4/5


Overall Rating: 7.5/10


Did you get the chance to check out the PPV? What did you think about the Great Balls of Fire PPV? What was your favorite match of the night? What did you think about the Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns match and feud? Below are my top 3 matches of the night. Leave a comment below about anything related to the PPV.


  1. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns
  2. Cesaro & Sheamus© vs. Hardy Boyz
  3. Brock Lesnar© vs. Samoa Joe
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