Master Grooming

Tech Is All It Takes To Master Grooming

For a lot of guys, grooming is more than a habit or a “beauty ritual”. Sometimes, it’s a downright necessity. If you would rather walk around looking like a human being instead of a fur ball on legs, you need to conquer the hair that seems to constantly be trying to overtake you. You’ll be more comfortable, look suaver, and most likely get a much warmer reception from the lady in your life. But that doesn’t mean you must spend painstaking hours a week doing your part. Instead, just a few pieces of tech can make it all much simpler.

Master Grooming

The close shave

Good shaving equipment is essential to getting a quality shave, not just a make-do effort. But the sad thing is that the good equipment doesn’t last all that long when it’s being used regularly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Most men don’t sharpen with blades, keeping their razors working in pristine shape for longer. But you can find out about the Razorpit here and keep your shaves much closer and much neater for longer. Not only will you look better after a shave, you’ll save the money you would have otherwise spent on replacement blades.

Conquering the grizzly

A lot of men are getting into man scaping. They’re realizing that their ladies don’t always like the fact they feel like woodland animal. They’re also realizing it’s a lot easier to wash yourself and feel cooler without a layer of fur over yourself. Beyond learning how to manscape, you should make sure you’re doing it with a high-quality shaver and trimmer. There are plenty like the Philips Norelco Multigroom that come with a high-range of adapters that allow you to leave behind how much or little you like, making sure to take care with particularly sensitive areas.

Keep a cool head

As far as the hair on your head goes, you might normally leave that to professionals. But do you have to? A lot of guys’ hair grows quick and thick so that the multiple necessary visits quickly become a hassle. For those men, hair cutting systems like the Flobee are becoming a modern godsend. You can learn more on the Flobee here, but essentially it allows you keep trimming your hair regularly to a set uniform length. You won’t need to keep going back to the barbers and you’ll never have to worry about getting an uneven cut.

Missed a spot?

A lot of the issues men face with grooming is that they’re prone to error. Having a tuft of hair on the chin or a bit sprouting on the chest is embarrassing when it’s spotted. Often, it’s down to how good a look you’re able to get while doing the job. Poor lighting and visibility make you think you’re done when you’re not. But now there’s a whole range of zooming, self-lit mirrors that make sure you get the whole picture, meaning that there are a lot fewer excuses for why you missed that bit.


Look sharper, cleaner, and like a man who has his own stuff under control. The tips above will make difficult grooming a thing of the past.

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