6 Awesome Ways On How To Support A Charity


If you’ve realized that you would like to be more selfless, and focus on helping a charity that you believe in – that’s awesome. There are tons of organizations out there that need your help, and there are plenty of ways to give it.

Here’s how.

Throw your own auction

If you’re a talented one, whether that be within the arts or something else, use your skills to raise money for your chosen charity. Hold an event somewhere, and auction off your paintings for example, or any other work that could potentially hold a value and interest others. Then you can send the proceeds off to the cause that you support.


Go on a volunteer vacation

What’s better than going away on vacation, to some exotic, beautiful location, and helping people that need it? This will include things like building a house or a school for local communities that don’t have the resources. Not only will you save money on travel, but you will have some life changing experiences that money can’t buy.

Get yourself sponsored

Throughout the year there are many different events that are thrown like runs and bike rides, or even hikes up a scary looking mountain. Anyone can take part in these for a small fee, and you can also get yourself sponsored by people that know you, resulting in you making even more money for the cause. Plus, the experience you get out of it is intense, because you’re having to physically push yourself to a level that you may have never known existed until now.


Shave your hair off

Extreme – I know. Unless your hair is short anyway, and then it’s no big deal, but people won’t care then. If you have quite an impressive head of hair, then spread the word around about your dramatic idea. If you form enough interest out of your family and friends willing to donate to see you shave away the inner Rockstar in you – set a date, invite them over, and buzz it all off.

Get some cool merch

You’d be surprised at how much cool merchandise is actually made and sold, so much so that it doesn’t feel like a donation; it just feels like you’re indulging in funky products like football wristbands and nice tees. These are things that you would purchase in your daily life; the only difference is your money is going to a great cause instead.


Get hands on

If you know you have a spare few hours to kill in the next few days, instead of chilling at home, go out and visit local charities and see how you can help. They may need you to help garden for people that aren’t able to do it themselves because of their illness, or maybe you could help in the soup kitchens for the homeless, by helping prepare food for them, and just generally hanging out and cheering them up by talking and listening. That can go such a long way.

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