Fishing For Beginners
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Fishing For Beginners – Making It An Unforgettable Experience

If your image of fishing involves sitting around some nondescript lake, waiting around all day (in the rain), catching nothing and going home smelly, wet and miserable – you wouldn’t be alone. For someone who’s never fished before, the concept can seem rather unappealing. Enter luxury fishing holidays with guided river trips – who knew this could be a thing? With the chance to discover epic Alaskan landscapes, learn a new skill and meet new people, suddenly the prospect of a fishing trip doesn’t seem so bad!

Fishing For Beginners

What is a guided river trip?

A guided river trip is so much more than a fishing trip. Fishing in truth is only a small part of the wonderful experience you’ll have during your trip. Yes, you’ll learn to fish under the instruction of a local fisherman, but you’ll also discover many other things about Alaska and its awe-inspiring landscape. The guide at Kenai River (check him out at has a real passion for the area, and you’ll embark on a great adventure as you discover the secret of the river and it’s surrounding areas.

No fishing experience? No problem

Fishing experience is not necessary to enjoy a guided river tour. You’ll learn that on the way thanks to the lessons provided by your guide. Who’d have thought you’d be able to learn the art of catching a trophy trout or salmon in just a few days? Even if you never use your newly-learned skills again, it will be an amazing achievement for you – and you’ll get some perfect catch photos too!

Meet people from all walks of life

Fishing dates back an incredible 140,000 years (here’s a handy brief history of fishing if you’re interested), and something that exists all over the world as a growing food source. As a shared, common action, it’s no wonder these types of fishing trips attract people from all over the world. The people you can meet on this kind of trip are amazing, and you’ll get to know them and their stories very quickly as you develop new skills together. You could make great friends you wouldn’t have otherwise met, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, can keep in touch long after you go home.

Perfect relaxation

You wouldn’t have thought that a fishing trip in the mountains would be particularly relaxing, but it is. Think you’ll have cell signal? Forget it. This means you can forget those texts, emails, news sites and anything else that typically distracts you and actually switch off. You’ll benefit from the chance to remember a time before technology took over and be able to appreciate the finer things once more. This break from technology could help you to rediscover what’s important and reprioritize when you enter back into the real world. Your work colleagues might not recognize you when you return to the office!

Fishing For Beginners

Amazing photo opportunities

The turquoise water of the Alaskan Kenai River is the perfect playground for excellent photography if you’re into it. If you’re not, you might want to brush up on your photography skills, as you won’t want to miss out on capturing these amazing scenes. From capturing other people’s triumphs to stunning wildlife and backdrops, the photos you can gather from this trip will help you preserve memories for the rest of your life.

Luxury lodging

You might think that a fishing trip involves sleeping in a tent for a weekend or a week, but that’s not the case with a more upscale fishing trip. Offering luxury lodging to rest in after your day by the water, these cozy, stylish lodges have everything you need to unwind and get to know your fellow travelers. If you want to move around during your stay, you can, allowing you to explore more of the Kenai and take it all in. The great thing about the different lodge options near the Kenai is that you can choose your location based on which area you want to explore, as well as pick the most suitable option for your price range. It’s quite nice to pick something a bit more luxurious to make sure you get the rest you deserve after a long day of fishing outdoors.

Ideal bonding experience

If you think that it’s time that you reconnected with a parent, a relative or a loved one, this could be your ideal opportunity. Being away from it all, with no distractions and a task to accomplish will bring you closer together and allow you to spend quality time that may be difficult due to busy jobs, busy lives and geographical distance. This time together could change your relationship and give you that push you need to make a renewed commitment to spending more time together. The experience would make an ideal Father’s Day gift, or even a last trip for a groom-to-be before his big day as another one of those gifts to buy when you’ve no idea what to buy a guy. That’s definitely something you won’t be able to get from Target!

Discover a new hobby

While it’s certainly not a requisite for the trip, there is the possibility that you’ll come away from the experience with a whole new hobby. It may be difficult to find somewhere to fish when you return home, but it does give you a great excuse to travel to some more locations in the future to experience other places with spectacular views and scenery. You might even discover a new affinity for the great outdoors that you didn’t have before and use it to pursue a more active lifestyle.

Learn a new survival skill

We’re not saying you’ll ever be put in this situation, but at least if you ever find yourself lost in the woods or the wilderness, at least you will know how to hunt for fish so that you won’t starve. Maybe you can ask to be taught how to make smoke signals while you’re there too! Bear Grylls will have nothing on you by the time you’ve finished.

It’s surprisingly affordable

You’d think that this sort of experience would cost you the earth, when in fact this sort of trip is the opposite. For around $275 a day, you can enjoy 8 hours of tuition, and book your accommodation separately, with some affordable options if you’re on a budget. You don’t have to fish every day, so you can spread it out across your stay and indulge in other activities while you’re there – the choice is completely yours. There are so many awesome things to do in Alaska; you might find it difficult to fit it all in, although that’s always a great excuse to come back to this incredible part of the world.

In summary

If you’re fed up of the same old vacation and the same old experiences, then this sort of trip will be ideal for you, but you have to be willing to put in a bit of work. Not only can you try something you never thought you could do, but you can also meet some great new people, and explore one of the most glorious parts of the Alaskan landscape. It’s a trip you can tailor to your budget and pick and choose from activities that suit you, go alone or go with a friend/group, go for a weekend or go for a week and enjoy every last minute. If it’s a new experience and great adventure you’ve been looking for – this could be the trip for you.

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