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Stuck in Property Limbo? Steps To Take When Your Home Won’t Sell

Property Limbo

When it comes to buying and selling homes, there’s always going to be some element of stress involved. It’s a complex procedure that involves lots of chats with estate agents and lawyers, you have to negotiate on prices and usually get stung with a fair few costs you hadn’t even thought about too. However for most people, the buying and selling is usually over and done within a set period of time, and they’re free to get on with enjoying life in their new home. But what happens when things go wrong? When your home is stuck on the market for months, in some cases even years, it can be incredibly upsetting and frustrating and leaving you in some kind of strange property limbo. If you’ve found yourself in this situation and you just want to sell your property, here are a few things to consider.

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Curb Appeal

The way your home looks from the outside is far more important than you might realize. If you’re putting people off and making a bad impression before they’ve even stepped through the door, it doesn’t get the viewing off to a good start. According to gardens need to be neat and tidy, lawns mowed and flower beds free of weeds. Windows and doors should be clean, and any discoloration on brickwork or rendering should be taken care of. The outside area of the home should be tidy too, if you usually keep things like shoes or bicycles near the front door then these need to be tidied away for viewings.

Small Jobs Can Appear To Be Big Jobs

You might know that the harmless crack in the ceiling is nothing sinister, but a buyer could assume it’s the sign of an expensive underlying problem. Patches of damp might be caused from you not opening windows, but a buyer might come to the conclusion that there must be a leak somewhere. Any small job will always be assumed to be a much larger one, and buyers will want the price of the house lowered to reflect this. In some cases, it can be enough to put them off entirely. Make a list of all of the odd jobs you need to do and get onto it! Admittedly companies like will buy houses in any condition, which is useful if you don’t have the means or desire to do any repairs. It also means you can sell your home more quickly, although you might not get as good of a price as if you sell through the traditional method. Weigh up the pros and cons, sometimes just getting it out of your hands so you can get to your next home is more important than a few thousand more dollars!

Neutral Will Appeal To Everyone

There’s no denying that a bit of color to liven up the home can be nice. However since everyone’s preferences are so different, the safest bet is to go neutral suggest that repainting throughout in white, cream or light gray will make the space look bigger and brighter and will also help people to visualize themselves in the space. Bold colors and busy patterns can be distracting, people might be put off by the cost of redecorating or be so put off by the decor that they decide against buying the home. Buyers are fickle, and these kinds of things genuinely do put people off. Strip off wallpaper, and have walls skimmed by a plasterer if necessary. Then give everywhere a coat of paint instead. The same applies to flooring, ripping up colorful or patterned carpet and replacing with a cheap neutral variety is well worth the money. You can always accessorize with plants, rugs and a couple of pieces of art to make it look more homely. Use accessories to show the room’s potential but don’t go too personal. Pack up framed photos and personal trinkets for when you move. Again, buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the space.

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