Carvel Ice Cream Cakes
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Like Ice Cream & Cake? Carvel Ice Cream Cakes Are A Must-Have!!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by Focus Brands and Carvel, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Carvel Ice Cream CakesCarvel Ice Cream Cakes

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching August as this year have flown by. One thing I can say about this summer is that it’s been really hot. Whenever it’s hot and humid outside, I’m usually stuck inside to avoid the weather. There are times I must do yard-work, but it’s done first thing in the morning or late in the evening. Sometimes I like to go to the pool, but I’m not a huge fan of going swimming. There have been times we set up something in the yard like a slip-n-slide, but after a while they’re back in the house. One thing we love more than anything is ice cream and cake. When you can put them together, there is nothing like it and it’s something we keep in the fridge always. Carvel is our go-to ice cream cake as it’s America’s Freshest Ice Cream.

Carvel Ice Cream CakeCarvel Ice Cream Cake

You can find Carvel Ice Cream Cakes at your local grocery store or you can place you order online. When ordering online, you can create the perfect cake to be picked up later. All you have to do is provide your zip code and they’ll give you the nearest location. I’m a huge fan of eating cookies with ice cream so my favorite Carvel Ice Cream Cake is the ice cream cookie cake. This is snack heaven as you have ice cream in between 2 big cookies. If the cookies and vanilla ice cream wasn’t enough, the cake is rolled up in Carvel’s famous crunchies. As you can see above, the ice cream cake looks great and trust me, this is delicious. The Ice Cream Cookie Cake is delicious, but Carvel has so much to offer.

Celebration Cakes

Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, a promotion or your child’s accomplishment, the celebration cakes are perfect for you. They come in Balloon, Rainbow, Happy Birthday Balloon, Round, Oreo and Deluxe Round Cakes. All come with the Carvel quality and you’ll get the freshest ice cream cake and you can decorate it like you want.

Holiday Cakes

Are you a family that loves to celebrate holidays or an accomplishment, Carvel got you covered? How about holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July or Halloween? How would you like an ice cream cake for Back to School, Getting a New Job or for Mother’s or Father’s Day? The holiday cakes from Carvel is perfect for you as you can cater to either event to show them you’re thinking about them.

Signature Cakes

Do you like race cars, colossal cupcake cake or how about a 3D image on an ice cream cake? Carvel’s Signature Cakes lets you use your imagination to create your next ice cream cake. Check out all the various kinds of signature cakes Carvel got and let me know which one interest you the most?

Carvelog Cakes

The signature ice cream cakes are amazing, but the Carvelog cakes take it a step further. With the kids nearing school again, the back-to-school pencil would be perfect as you see up above. These ice cream cakes are in the shape of logs. They have the coffee toffee, firecracker, strawberry crunch and cookies-n-cream to name a few.


Have you tried any of the Carvel Ice Cream Cakes before? If so, which one is your favorite? If not, which one would you like to try the most? Leave a comment below about the Carvel Ice Cream Cakes.

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