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4 Reasons Why RaceTrac Is My One-Stop Shop

This post was brought to you by RaceTrac, I received compensation to write about this post but all opinions expressed are my own.

One-Stop Shop

As everyone should know by now, RaceTrac is my one-stop shop for pretty much everything. In Georgia, it’s hard to stay cool in the summer, but with the Sodapalooza deal going on there I can stay hydrated at all times. Not only do I head there to stay hydrated, but with RaceTrac near my job I’m there twice a week to pick up breakfast to get my day started. With my daughter being a cheerleader this year, I can even pick up tailgating supplies there every Saturday. If you download the RaceTrac Rewards app, you can enjoy rewards throughout the year and save money in the process. Right now, here are the 4 reasons you’ll find me at RaceTrac multiple times throughout the week.

Swirl World

One -Stop Shop

Who doesn’t love ice cream? How about ice cream with over 40 toppings to add to your ice cream? From ice cream, yogurt to Italian Ice, RaceTrac has you covered in the Swirl World section of the store. If you’re someone that doesn’t want your ice cream in a cup, RaceTrac got you covered. You can put your frozen treat in a cone or a waffle cone. Normally I like to add skittles and fruit to my ice cream, but today I went another route. I went with the Vanilla Ice Cream then added Snickers, Mini-Reese’s cups and Peanut M&Ms. What do you like to add to your ice cream when you visit RaceTrac?


One-Stop Shop

Throughout the summer, RaceTrac introduced the Sodapalooza where you can purchase the cup filled with coupons. The cups are $11.99, but you get $2 off when you download the RaceTrac Rewards app. Whenever you go into RaceTrac, you can refill your cup with regular drink or any frozen drink. My personal favorite is either Sprite, French Vanilla Frozen Latte or Frozen Coca-Cola. What’s your favorite beverage to get when you’re at RaceTrac?


One-Stop Shop

They have always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the deal. Since I work at night, I always try to eat breakfast every morning. They have someone cooking food or they have biscuits and croissants already made for people on the run. For those who like deals, if you buy the Sodapalooza cup you’ll get a buy one, get one free breakfast sandwich coupon. Have you tried breakfast from RaceTrac before? If so, what is your favorite breakfast sandwich from there?

More Food

One-Stop Shop

Sometimes when I’m out I like to grab some tasty food at a reasonable price. RaceTrac offers so many items on their grill from hot dogs and many other items. Once again, if you picked up the Sodapalooza cup then you will have a coupon for a free item off the grill. For me, the Bacon Cheddar Hot Dogs are awesome and I don’t even need to add anything on them, they’re great! RaceTrac also provides fresh sandwiches already made or you can get them to make it from scratch for you.


There are 4 of the reasons I love to head to RaceTrac. Are you someone that loves RaceTrac? If so, what’s your favorite item or items you like to get while at RaceTrac? Leave a comment below.

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