There Are Plenty More Fish In The Sea, And You Could Catch Them!


Being a dad is demanding work. Rewarding, of course, but hard. Sometimes, it can seem as though you have no time to yourself. Between work and home life, it’s all one big blur. Is it any wonder that we make man caves? It’s the only chance we get to recuperate! Or is it?

Today, we’re talking fishing. Before you roll your eyes and decide it isn’t for you, hear us out. Fishing is, by far, one of the most relaxing sports you could choose. And, relaxing doesn’t mean boring, either. When you get a catch, you’re sure to feel the heart-pounding excitement you would from scoring a footy goal. It’s the best of both worlds. After a few sessions, the chances are you’ll be hooked… Seriously, though, give it a go and see how you like it. If things go well, these tips will ensure you’re top of your fishing game.

Tackle Your Tackle

You need to ensure you get some basics before you head out. The good news is, fishing tackle shops like Otto’s Tackle World stock anything you might need. Even better, trained staff will be able to point you in the right direction.

As with any sport, you can go extreme with your rod. For the time being, though, keep things simple. If you get lost in technicalities, you’ll never get down to fishing. All you need now is a rod, fishing line, a minimum of two bobbers, split shop linkers, and a hook and the best spinning reel you can pick up for your budget . Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on bait. Maggots often seem to be a favorite, but simple cupboard essentials do the job, too. Luncheon meat and sweetcorn are always winners.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Lakes

Every fisher has their favorite spot. At the moment, you have no way to know which yours might be. So, it’s time to try a few. For the most part, the settings are all equally beautiful. But, each lake offers different fish and different rates. Write notes on each and decide which you want to return to. Of course, there’s no reason you should develop any loyalty. Though, it will help you relax if you find a familiar place. You may even get to know the other guys who fish often.

Fishy Knowledge


You’ll find it hard to get satisfaction from fishing if you don’t learn a little about fish. Sure, you’ll still get the thrill of the catch. But, the best part about fishing is catching that fish you’ve been after. Think ‘The Old Man and The Sea,’. It’s you and the fish. So, it’s worth stocking up on a fishing encyclopedia, and checking out all the fish you catch. You could even develop a points system, by sticking a post it notes on every fish you catch. It’ll be an amazing way to log your achievements.

As you can see, fishing can be every bit as satisfying as any other sport. So, give it a go and see how much more relaxed you feel after.

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