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5 Awesome Hobbies From Home For Men

When it comes to hobbies from home, it seems that women have so many options. Not that there’s anything wrong with men wanting to sew, bake or create crafts from Pinterest of course- but for the most part, those things aren’t going to appeal to the average guy. Having hobbies is so important, but when we lead such busy lives it can be tricky fitting in additional things into our week, especially if they involve having to physically travel somewhere. So a hobby you can enjoy from home is the perfect solutions. But what options are there for your ‘typical guy’?

Learn an Instrument

Did you know that learning an instrument actually makes you smarter? Playing regularly can change the shape and power of the brain, research has shown cognitive improvements and a boost in IQ. It can even improve memory and boost mood. Learning an instrument as an adult is incredibly worthwhile, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but put off- now is the time to go for it! You could have a tutor come to your home and teach you the basics to get you started, or you could teach yourself using guides and videos from the internet. It’s always impressive when someone can play an instrument, so practicing now will give your brain benefits and means you can impress your friends and family at your next get together.


Brew Beer

Brewing your own beer is a lot of fun, you get to play mad scientist in the shed or garage with all of the tubes and containers- and when it’s done you have homemade beer to drink! Perfect for inviting guests round and enjoying with a dinner party or barbecue. There are all kinds of kits you can get these days to get you started, or you could do more research and buy everything individually. Unfortunately, you can’t sell your homemade beer due to licensing restrictions, but that just means there’s all the more for you and loved ones to enjoy!

Video Gaming

Gaming is often overlooked as a proper ‘hobby’, and while it’s not the most productive thing in the world, there’s definitely a place for it. When you want to escape reality for a while, whether it’s to kill boredom or take your mind off stress, getting lost in a video game is a good way to go about it. It uses more brainpower than watching tv or reading a book so can really grab your interest even if you have other things on your mind. Plus, with so many online games these days it’s a chance to socialize at the same time. If you’re planning on playing online, you will need a good monitor. There are many places you can look that helps with monitors and choosing a good monitor.

Whether you play with friends or chat with people across the globe, you get that bit of interaction there without having to even leave the house. If gaming is a hobby of yours, it could be worth looking into high performance gaming pcs. These will be able to handle graphic heavy games and give you the very best experience. If you’re my age, you have seen everything from the Atari to the new PS5. If you have the time, it would be cool for you can build your own PC.


Turn Wood or Forge Metal

Fancy creating something awesome? Why not set up a workshop, if you have a large shed, outbuilding or garage it would make the perfect spot. You could invest in a lathe and create incredible things out of pieces of wood. You could buy an anvil and other forging equipment and create swords, blades and other metal objects. It boosts creativity, forces you to use your brain power and generally helps you to improve your practical skills. If you want to get creative but by doing something that’s typically more masculine, these are ideal options to consider.


Gardening is hard work, but so worth it. You could completely landscape your yard, building walls, laying slabs, digging out a pond and erecting fences, or you could focus more on the growing side of things. Create a vegetable patch, set up a greenhouse or create a herb garden. That way you can tend to your plants while enjoying the nice weather, and come harvest time you have loads of home grown ingredients to use in cooking or store for over the winter. Freezing, canning, pickling, creating jams and chutneys or adding to oils and vinegars are all options. Pulling weeds, digging soil and pushing a lawn mower around also constitutes as a great workout so is something that will get you fit as an added bonus!


What are your favorite hobbies to do from home?

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