Great Reasons to Get Outside
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4 Great Reasons To Get Outside With Your Kids

Great Reasons to Get Outside

It’s easy to give a child a piece of technology nowadays to try and satiate their needs. A lot of the time, it’s because we ourselves as parents don’t like to admit that we’re a bit addicted to gadgets as well – but whatever happened to getting out and about? A lot of the time, we can match our technology with the activities that we are doing in order to give us an accurate representation of fitness levels, miles ridden or even incorporate it into games.

It’s A Den Maker’s Paradise

Let’s face it – the original dens were all made outside. If you have a woody place near to your house, going there and gathering sticks and twigs to try and make your own makeshift den together can be an amazing bonding experience. Not only this, but it helps to increase creativity and imagination within your child, setting them up for bigger and better things as the years go by. Their cognitive development is definitely something to keep an eye on and try and improve.

Exercise – For Either You Or Them

If your kids are too young to join in with you and an exercise routine, it’s a good idea to look at the best bike trailers that are available to you; then buy one and strap them in, and off you cycle. Riding a bike is still a great source of cardio for the parent that is carting around their kids behind them, and it’s genuinely a fun time for them to be having – who doesn’t want to be sat in a mini-carriage whilst being transported around?

Great Reasons to Get Outside

You Can Still Play Video Games!

If you really don’t want to ditch the technology or find it hard to prise your kids away from it, take in on the go with you. Interactive games such as Pokémon Go! Are brilliant pieces of kit to get you searching far and wide for virtual characters. There’s no limit to where you can go, and the fact that you need to go back and forth to get to Pokéstops and other such sites of interest means that you physically have to move outside to be able to do it. There’s no other way around it – definitely a winning combination.

There’s A Lot To Learn

Nature offers us so much. There is flora and fauna all around us that we don’t associate with half as much as previous generations used to, and it’s a shame that certain bits of information is being lost as time goes by. Getting out and familiarizing yourself with the different species of birds, mammals and bugs that are in abundance and in close proximity to us is something that not only takes quite a bit of time to do (they’re not all just going to magically appear in front of you), but helps instill a love of nature and a yearning to learn more. Kids love to point out things that they have picked up over time, and this is just one way of helping them.

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  • Chad

    There is a restorative aspect to getting outdoors that no activity inside can replicate. For this reason and for getting exercise, going outdoors regularly with or without kids is essential!

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