Things Every Freelancer Needs Before They Start Their Business

The main thing any freelancer needs if they want to take their one-person operation into the business world is a sense of entrepreneurial spirit. If you don’t have motivation, determination, and a willingness to persevere then you won’t survive in the lion’s den. Starting your own business is tough, and it’s very tough in the early days. Perhaps you’ll one day expand and get yourself a team, but, until that day, you’re the employer and the sole employee of this operation. You answer only to yourself. There’s no ducking and diving from your responsibilities; you need to put in the hours every day if you want this company to succeed. Here are the things every freelancer needs before they start their self-employed venture.


The ability to market yourself.

Forget modesty. You need to constantly sell your talents and your business as a brand. Starting with a small client-base is great, but that isn’t enough; you need to be searching for new clients because you can’t rely on a small number of clients sticking around forever. If your couple of clients don’t need anything from you one week then you won’t make any money. It’s important to have as large a client-base as possible in order to keep your profit-making options open.

A safety net.

It’s so important to think about all the things your business needs to stay afloat because, if you’re a company of one, then you’re the only person overseeing everything. You might want to look into laptop repair options because your laptop breaking is the worst thing that could happen on a busy work day. You’ll want to know that you have a plan of action if that should ever happen so that you’re not wasting time looking for specialists to help you solve the problem.


Technology is temperamental, of course, and you’re bound to run into problems at some point within a few years of running your business. Make sure you’re also backing up your business’ information frequently on an external hard drive, a second computer, or even a Cloud server. If there is a problem with your main “work” computer then you can switch to another one whilst it’s being repaired and still continue with your day’s work. If you’re a one-man business then it’s vital that you don’t let the failure of one electronic device bring your company to a crippling halt for an indefinite period of time. That would be unprofessional.



Mastering the work-life balance is crucial if you’re going to become a freelancer. It’s so easy to get swept away with the excitement of creating a business and over-work yourself. Part of the beauty of working from home is that you can spend as much time with the family as you want. You might have to go out to see clients or other employees if you do choose to expand your freelancing operation, but your “office” is most likely going to be your home. You answer to yourself, and that means your time is your own. It’s very important to remember this and not get in the mindset of living in 24/7 work-mode. You’re allowed to take time off; your business won’t crumble if you give yourself downtime. Being a successful business owner is about understanding this.

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