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Should You Be Filming Your Kid’s Sports with Your Drone?

Sports With Your Drone

Kids’ sports these days are getting more and more competitive, and if you’ve spent any time in the stands, you know that the parents are—ahem—a bit that way as well. And while you don’t want to be the overly obnoxious parent while you watch a sporting event, capturing in just the right way is important to many of us. Is taking photos and videos enough? Perhaps you’re making efforts to become more adept at using technology. Should you be filming your kid’s sports with your drone? Drones have been used for a variety of thing over the years. You can see how far they have come along by checking out the history of drones. It could be controversial topic as some might think it’s a bit over-the-top—let’s examine the pros and cons below.

Pros of Filming Your Kid’s Sports with Your Drone:


1. You’ll Capture Majorly Unique Footage

Drone footage has been circulating online recently of a gray whale swimming right under people floating around in the waters in front of the Montage Laguna Beach Resort, and they were none the wiser. It only came to light later when the drone footage was shown! There’s just no denying that drones can capture shots that nothing else can. The other parents will surely want to see what you get!

2. You Can Concentrate on the Game

There’s nothing worse than when your son or daughter makes the play of the game and asks you later, “Hey, Mom (or Dad), did you happen to catch me throwing that guy out at third on video?” and you know you don’t have the shot. You might be able to get it from someone else but it’s never a sure thing … unless you’ve got the drone footage from it flying above said event. If you’re planning on taking advantage of this, check out this drone buyer guide.

3. You Can Help Your Child’s Coaches

There’s no more teachable moment than catching someone right in the act of doing something right or wrong. You could share the footage your drone captures with your child’s coach and he or she could examine the footage, analyze it, and then present it during a coaching session. Kids will think it’s neat and coaches will find it extremely valuable.

Cons of Filming Your Kid’s Sports with Your Drone:


1. You’re Going to Be That Parent

While some or all the parents might not know you’re even flying a drone above to capture your child playing sports, if it gets revealed, you might become that guy (or gal). In this day and age of smartphones, we’ve all seen embarrassing footage of parents fighting in the stands over a win or a loss or something that was said by another parent. There are now often signs that remind parents that this is “just a game.” The sports talk can surely get out of hand. While some might understand your passion with the drone, others might think you’re going a bit overboard.

2. Drone Regulations Are Very Ambiguous

The legal language surrounding flying drones can be quite confusing. According to PC Mag, there used to an FAA requirement to register any drone above eight pounds even if you weren’t making money off it, but the federal appeals court felt that they had overstepped their bounds with this mandate. As the article’s author, Jim Fisher, notes, “To fill the gap left by the void of government regulation, DJI has added a requirement that you must register and activate your drone using its control app for it to be fully functional. Other manufacturers have not yet followed suit.”

However, two of the basic rules set out by the FAA is to “never fly over groups of people,” and “never fly over stadiums and sporting events,” so you’d obviously be in violation of these. And of course, you have to be particularly careful if you live near an airport. Further your knowledge of drone safety before you head out and start filming. In short, there is risk involved. Is it worth it to you?

Examine the pros and cons of capturing footage at your children’s sporting events with a drone and decide what’s best for you, your family, and your fellow fans.

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