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How to Come Up with the Perfect Novelty Gift for Any Occasion

Perfect Novelty Gift

The wise ones say that it is better to give than to receive and there are many opportunities to give throughout the year. However, while gifting for others is much more fun and brings unbridled joy to both the giver as well as the receiver, gift-buying can be an ordeal. For instance, many of you might be tired of buying the same old gifts every year. Therefore, how about grooving it up a little with one of Hallmark’s funny ecards and a novelty gift this time around?

Oxford defines the word novelty as “the quality of being new, original or unusual.”

The key to gifting something perfectly novel lies in planning for the occasions important to you. This is because once you know what lies ahead you can start setting money aside for it and buy as, and when you spot something matching your definition of novelty. Therefore, create a list of all the people you would want to purchase a novelty gift for and organize it in your planner.

Following are some novelty gift suggestions for big occasions to prepare you for when the occasion arrives.


Your younger brother may be graduating soon and because you are an amazing sibling, you will be honoring him with a personally engraved chrome lighter. You may want to add a funny line about his smoking habits or just a sentimental message to commemorate the occasion.

On the other hand, what could you gift to your younger soon-to-be-graduated sister who is also one of the popular ones at her school? Why not respect her popularity by gifting her a graduation autograph cap with a permanent marker! Your sister can have all the autographs on her beautiful white fabric cap for lifelong memories.

Or why not ditch both those ideas and surprise them with the novelty of personalization. Anyone can be surprised with a personalized mug, you should already know that everyone does loves a good mug and at’s their personalized mugs can detail your giftees hobbies, positive personality traits or things quintessential only to them as it is the thought that counts. Therefore, make yours as creative as possible!


If you are worried about a young sibling who is always losing money, then a money holder key-ring for emergency cash would be a perfect birthday gift. It will ensure that your young brother or sister does not get stranded if their wallet or handbag gets stolen.

A novel idea to celebrate the birthday of a friend who can also hold their alcohol is a wine bottle glass. Believe me, when your friend will sip from their 750-ml wine bottle glass on a movie night, they will be silently thanking you for eliminating the need to refill.


What will you do when it is your boss’s 25th wedding anniversary? You could gift him a solid collection of famous sideburns! You can go creative with Elvis style sideburns or mutton chops, copying the style of John Travolta. Your boss just needs to stick the self-adhesive side to his face to transform his nude cheekbones into a smashing Wolverine.

Alternatively, a Darth Vader helmet makes a unique anniversary gift for your Star Wars fanatic couple friends. The helmet comes with dazzling detailing and a dark red glow. It can be a superb addition to their bedroom adding a shade of the dark side to their romance.


Everyone will be gifting expensive China, cash and jewellery at your friend’s wedding, but you could gift them the novelty they will savour on their every exotic vacation. What about a scratch able world map? This is because you never know where you are going until you know where you have been. Your friend and their spouse can pin it on the wall to scratch off the places they have visited together and it will serve as a reminder of where they have been, and what future expeditions are in sight.

On the other hand, how about giving a pop-up wedding card? 3D wedding cards are economical, novel and very unusual. Therefore, send some fantastic three-dimensional wedding day wishes to a happy couple to woo them as they pull it from its envelope. This gorgeous novelty is sure to stand out from the snowfall of standardised wedding cards and makes an excellent keepsake.

More Birthdays

The man in your life grew up playing the classic 80s video games and still sometimes yearns for those good old shiny days. You are being a good partner can rekindle his joy with the novelty of retro TV games. A plug and play device with a smooth controller, and a small joystick to bring back the golden era.

We all have ‘frenemies’ in our lives and no matter what we do they will forever remain passive aggressive. Therefore, say things as they are on their birthday by gifting them a novel voodoo doll. You can also personalize it by slotting your victim’s photo on the doll’s head while stabbing away the pins until your heart’s content.

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