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A Great Weekend out on a Budget with the Family

Most of the time, we plan holidays and special events for when both you and the kids are off work and school. You might plan a holiday to coincide with your child’s breaks in school, or perhaps you enjoy going out for random breaks here and there to relieve stress and treat your kids. However, taking multiple holidays or going on breaks often with the family can eventually eat into your savings and break the bank. So, to help prevent this, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that can help you spend more time with the kids without having to spend too much money. Instead of going to a fancy location or hopping on a plane to another country, here are some fantastic ways to bond with your family and still enjoy a relaxing weekend together without any hassle.


Go camping

Camping is something that today’s generation of adults used to do when they were younger. Before there were video games and countless different entertainment platforms with the help of the internet, most of our fun was had outside with nothing more than our friends and perhaps some sporting equipment like a ball. Camping is the ultimate outdoor adventure that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. All it takes is A short drive to a camping site and you’re good to go. Buy some simple camping equipment such as a spacious tent, a portable camping stove and some other quality-of-life accessories and you’ll be having fun in no time.

One of the biggest issues with camping is the disconnect between your children and their friends. Technology has improved social networking and it’s essential that you teach your kids how to use things like mobile phones to stay in touch with friends, but keep in mind that the disconnect can sometimes be an eye-opening experience and it will teach them not to be too reliant on technology so they can value face-to-face contact more. However, if your children really don’t want to be without their phones and tablets, then it’s fine to take them along.

If you’re not feeling up for a drive, then there’s another good option: camping in your garden. It sounds a little boring because it’s not in unknown territory, but if you’re too far away from a suitable camping site and you prefer the safety of being in your home, then setting up a camping tent in your garden and reading stories, grilling marshmallows or even watching a movie together in your tent can be a fantastic bonding experience. Camping is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to spend time with your family (assuming you’ve already invested in the camping gear) and it can help build a strong family relationship.

Heading out to a show

As your kids grow up, they’re going to find an interest in many different things. They might enjoy several types of music, they might like different cartoon franchise and they may even enjoy the surge of popularity that electronics sports are receiving. These are all unique hobbies and it helps to grow their interests by taking them to shows and events that are related to these hobbies.

Not only is it a great chance for them to build social skills and make new friends that have similar interests, but it’s also a way for them to express themselves around their friends and indulge in their hobbies instead of constantly worrying about their school work. Although it might seem expensive, you can often find great ticket prices if you’re willing to have a look around on the internet. There are some dodgy sellers online, but as long as you look at reputable website with a good Google rating, you should be safe.

You can take them to concerts, you can take them to conventions, sporting matches of their favorite team or even museums that are holding special exhibitions. Exposing your children to a myriad of things is a fantastic way to grow their interests and help them build more interest. When they’re feeling more confident, they’ll start to actively look for friends to go to these events with and they might even ask their school friends to tag along.

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