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Kevin Owens On WWE Anniversary

Kevin Owens

This strong man finally got it…His status is almost destroyed. Kevin Owens might even not realize what has happened with him during his last match with A.J. Styles, but luckily we do.

Who Is Kevin Owens?

Kevin Owens is an outspoken, Quebec-born brawler who bolts around the ring with equal parts grace and bad intentions ( On Aug. 1 Kevin demonstrated his lack of ability to control himself when he kicked the judge Daniel Bryan during and after the battle. This behavior can tell how hard it is for Owens to stay calm even when the injustice takes place.

Why It Happened?

Possibly, such an event took place because Kevin likes to drink alcohol ( Of course, he is not an addict, but probably enjoys to drink from time to time. Kevin’s violence during the show is very likely the proof of this fact.

How His Fans Should React?

Of course, Kevin’s way of dealing with problems is not a good example of the right way of treating such situations. Moreover, there might be consequences of it. His fans might absorb the idea that it’s “normal” to ignore and fight with the representatives of authority.

What’s Next?

The worst thing is that people who watched the match begin to test this way of behavior at their workplaces and families, which may lead to complete anarchy and chaos.

Should Kevin Owens Be Punished?

Taking into account the fact that he began to beat the next judge Shane McMahon during the second game with A.J. Styles, it seems that Kevin is the problem, not the judge. When Owens repeated his dirty methods, it became obvious that he has to be limited somehow for all to stay safe.


Written by Helen Rogers


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