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Before You Do Building Work: The Essential Checklist

Whether it’s a small extension or a whole other section you are constructing, doing building work on your own home can be is always complicated. That is why you need to read the essential checklist of things that need to be sorted before the work begins, below.


Yup, you are going to need to think about time. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or you have a contractor come in to do it for you.

Building Work

Why? Well, timing is everything when it comes to building work. This is because the success of a project can rely on all sorts of things. Things like the weather, although whether summer or winter builds are best is still proving to be a contentious issue at Success will also depend on when your contractor is free, and what you have going on in your own life at the time as well. After all, having a new kitchen put in when you have all your extended family staying for Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the best idea. That is why you must plan in the time carefully for any building work you wish to complete.


You are also going to need to think about finances before you start any building work. As you will need to purchase the materials and services that will allow you to complete the project. Of course, with building projects being so expensive few people have the entire cost saved up and ready to go. That means then tend to rely on loans or credit cards to get the work done.

Building Work

However, those folks with poor credit can come across some issues here, because their credit score may prevent them from being granted the finances that they need to carry out the work. In this case, it can be useful for them to get some help in repairing their credit rating before they apply. To find out more on this use and sites like them. As they can show you how to boost your credit rating and sort any issues on your account that are causing a problem.

Building Permits

Also on your checklist, you should have a big section entitled building permits. Sometimes known as zoning laws depending on the state that you are in. This is the process that officially assesses your build’s safety through all of the stages, see for more details. Remember too that the permits must be complied with for your building work to be legal.

Building Work

Also, if there is a homeowner’s association in your neighborhood they may have requirements on building work such as size and aesthetics that you will need to adhere to. Put simply, once you purchase a property within the jurisdiction of a particular HOA, you automatically become a member and are therefore required to pay HOA fees. As well as these fees, some associations can impose restrictions on what members can do with their properties. With this in mind, if there are any rules or regulations that you would like to change, you will have to become an elected governor or director of your HOA. HOAs usually have unique provisions or procedures for their elections and so researching the necessary HOA election process in your local area is recommended if you are considering becoming elected. Correspondingly, if your property is located in California, and if you would like more information about the HOA election process, California HOA election services specialists such as Professional Election Inspectors (Pro-EI) can give you further guidance.

Home Energy Rating System

Lastly, another section of your checklist should be devoted to HERS or the Home Energy Rating System. Something that is such a vital aspect of building in the current climate. See full details on the index at

Building Work

That means you need to have an idea of what rating you are going for in line with your budget. As well as what that means regarding the way that the building work is carried out and constructed.


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