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Skincare Advice For The Dads

As men get older, we become fathers, and life takes its toll, we can start to show the signs of fatigue and age through the appearance and condition of our skin. However, men are less likely to follow any form of skin care routine and spend less on products than women. While it may not appeal to you to cleanse and tone, or whatever it is you should be doing, it is important to take better care of your skin, and doing so can make you look and feel better. I thought I would share a few tips that anyone of us can incorporate into our already busy lives. Perhaps it is something you do already that just needs a little fine tuning. Bring on the skincare advice.


Lather up morning and night

Splashing cold water on your face each morning will certainly wake you up, but why not try and take it one step further and use a facial wash or soap. Lathering up can help to remove any dead skin cells from the night before, as well as helping to improve the appearance of your skin. Furthermore, it can also help to avoid any buildup of oils or dirt on the face which can cause spots or blemishes. Doing this at night as well can also be a huge benefit to your skin.

It’s time to indulge the moisturizer

It may seem like it’s a little over the top to be considering moisturizing your skin, but the properties within those creams can work wonders for the tired looking skin. Not to mention help with the reduction of saggy skin and wrinkles. Reducing these sorts of things can help your skin to appear less fatigued.

Consider how you shave

Whether it is wet shaving, going to the barber shop for it to be done professionally, or using an electric shaver, try and make sure you consider skin before and after. Sometimes using an electric razor can be kind to your skin, and giving it a moisturize after should help to create that look you are after. You could always look for electric razor reviews at if you were in the market for a new one. This could also make a great birthday or Christmas present. This could also make a great birthday or Christmas present.  The team at Groom+Style have tested a range of electric shavers and compiled a comprehensive review complete with  photos of their tests.

Stay hydrated

Drinking more water is one of those things we hear a lot about, but, it can work really well for your skin. It can help your skin to feel hydrated and moisturized as adding lotion is only doing half of the job. Also, alcohol and caffeine can have an adverse effect on your skin condition, so if you are serious about adding some youthfulness to your look, you may want to cut down on those vices.

Get some rest

Getting extra sleep may be easier said than done with children running around and being sleep thieves. But it is a proven fact that getting more rest at night can help improve the condition of your skin. Making your skin tone look less fatigued and you look more alert and ready for the day.

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