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3 Helpful Ways When Getting Ready For Wrestling

Ready for Wrestling

Wrestling a sport that puts power and technique together into a beautiful combat sport. Like Judo and JuJitsu, it’s a floor based sport that involves a lot of grappling, and luckily for us not a lot of getting punched or kicked! Getting started in the sport can be a bit difficult because there are some specific pieces of kit you’re going to need, so carry on reading to find out about them!

Knee Pads

Knee pads are an absolute life saver in wrestling. Sure, you don’t have to wear them in a competition, but when you’re training you’re going to want some to save your knees from getting shredded and damaged! Knee pads have two uses in wrestling. The first is to prevent superficial damage such as grazes and cuts so you can carry on training without having to worry about grazing your knees out. The second thing it does it prevent long term damage. Wrestling is an impact sport, which means that your knees are going to be taking a lot of shock that could damage them by jarring, but if you have knee pads then they will take the blow for you!


Headgear is another essential thing that you’re going to need. As we’ve mentioned before, wrestling is an impact sport, and your head needs to be protected too. There are two specific areas that are protected by headgear, your chin and your ears. Ears are easy to cut and can get seriously damaged if they land on someone else, or on the floor at an angle, so they cover your ears to ensure that they stay safe. It protects your chin too; it keeps everything in place meaning that if your chin does hit the floor, you’re going to have something in the way to prevent as much damage from happening.


The final piece of the puzzle is your uniform. Wrestling uniform are required to do any form of wrestling because it completely changes the way that you use the mat and grab your opponent. It provides a standardized platform for everyone to compete and train with, so you need to get your hands on some right away! Often, it doesn’t matter what color it is because wrestling matches are only one on one, but if you’re part of a team then the color may matter, it depends on who you’re training with and what they want! They may even have their own available to buy, so always ask around before you commit because they are big investments.


Getting these 3 things will gear you up ready for wrestling. You’ll have your uniform on so you can compete and train properly, you’ll have the right headgear to protect your head from slams and accidental hits that might hurt you and you’ll have knee pads to stop any pain and shocks from ruining your knees in later life! However, if wrestling isn’t your thing but something else like baseball interests you, read this to get you going.

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