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Becoming a Parent Doesn’t Mean the End of Adult Fun

Adult Fun

Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a huge shift in your life. Once you’re a dad, it can seem like you’re not meant to do a lot of the things you used to do. It’s time to be responsible and act like an adult. It is true that you have responsibilities and that you can’t act like you’re in college anymore. But you can still enjoy life and many of the things you have always enjoyed without being a bad parent. You just need to know when and where it’s appropriate to let loose and have some fun. You still get to have a social life and even enjoy life’s excesses when you’re a parent.

Spend Time Without the Kids

The number one rule of having a social life when you have kids is that you have to ditch the kids sometimes. It’s not always easy, but the sooner you learn to do it, the sooner you can have a life of your own. As parents, you have lots of anxieties concerning your children. It is worrying to leave them with someone else, even if it’s someone you know, love and trust. But fears aren’t always something you should listen to. Sometimes, it’s better for everyone if you face them and learn to get over them. Babysitters can be lifesavers if you need to have some adult fun away from your kids.

Adult Fun

Enjoy Things Responsibly

Although becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean giving up your life, it does mean some things need to change. You can still go out drinking with friends now and then, but you can’t do it every night. Most people have already reached a more settled place in their life before they become parents anyway. However, some can go to the other extreme and stop doing everything in an effort to be more responsible. You don’t have to stop enjoying things when you’re a parent. For example, when your kids are little, you might avoid drinking while watching them. But as they get older, a couple of beers when your kids are around isn’t a big deal. Enjoying things like drinking responsibly also teaches your kids responsible behaviors.

Make Being a Homebody Fun

Being a parent will often mean you’re at home more. You can make an effort to get out with the kids, but often you’re too tired, or it’s too much of a hassle. Staying at home needn’t be boring, though. You can have plenty of fun with the kids, and you can invite friends over too. If you want to have fun at home, one great thing to do is to design a social space that works for both friends and family. It could be a dining or lounge space, or perhaps something like a home bar and games room. You can create an amazing home bar that has a professional setup from, making it perfect for hanging out with friends. But at the same time, it can have games to play and other entertainment, so it’s ideal for your family too.

Take the Kids on (Some) Adult Excursions

You probably don’t want to take your toddler to do anything too grown up. They’re likely to get bored easily, and they’re unlikely to be able to behave as they might need to for the setting. But as your kids grow up, they become old enough to join you on more adult excursions. Sure, you might not take them to your favorite bar. However, there are plenty of places they could come to with you. Take them to the driving range next time you play golf or even just take them on a trip to the hardware store. It can just be an everyday activity and doesn’t need to be anything special. Kids often feel great being treated like an adult and getting to spend one-on-one time with dad. Be careful about where it’s appropriate to take the kids, though. If they can’t behave in a restaurant, it’s not an ideal place to take them.

Adult Fun

Know When It’s Ok to Split into Kids and Adults

In social settings, you don’t always have to stick with your kids all the time. There are occasions when it’s ok to spend time with your friends, while you send the kids off to play with each other. For example, a lot of families will set up a kids’ table for dinner on special occasions. Or if you’re going to a party at a friend’s house with other families, your children can go and play with the others, while the adults chat. Of course, you should be there if your kids need you, but it’s important to recognize that they don’t need you all the time.

Take Vacations with Other Families

Do you find yourself going a little crazy with doing kids things on vacation? If you try to do anything a bit more grown-up, the kids moan and complain. If your family holidays are a bit too family-friendly for you, you might want to consider vacationing with other families. That could mean your extended family, or it might just be friends who have kids. Then no matter what you choose to do, you’ll always have other adults to socialize with. You could try some other vacation types too. Instead of Disney, renting a house with a pool and garden means the kids can run and splash around, while the adults sit, eat and drink, talk, and listen to music. Try for some ideas for vacations that are just as fun for adults as for kids.

Teach Your Kids Adult Behaviors

Remember that your kids are still learning, so you can’t expect them to act like mini adults. However, you can still teach them some grown-up behaviors so that you can enjoy some more adult activities. If you want them to be able to behave in a restaurant or cafe, start by teaching good table manners at home. It’s also important to make adult activities fun for them. Staying with the restaurant example, you should be engaging your kids in conversation if you don’t want to have to distract them with toys.


Being a parent doesn’t mean having no social life. You can still enjoy life to its fullest, whether it’s with or without the kids.

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