Truck Bed Camping

Everything You Want to Know About Truck Bed Camping

Truck Bed Camping

As we come into the full swing of fall, you might be participating in seasonal outdoor activities such as hunting, grilling, tailgating and hiking—all of which could be complemented with some truck bed camping. For those unfamiliar with truck bed camping, it’s exactly as it sounds, camping out of truck. But as simple as the concept may be, there can be some tricks of the trade that’ll make it a more enjoyable experience. Check out the following tips that’ll let you live simply yet enjoyably out of your truck.

Camp in a reliable truck

For starters, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable truck to camp out of. Chances are, if you are even considering truck bed camping, you’re likely doing it to save the hassle of finding camp grounds, pick-up-and-go in a heartbeat, carry large and heavy equipment, and drive on various outdoor landscapes that ideally call for the durability a truck provides. The Chevy Colorado is one of America’s most fuel-efficient pickup trucks that is comfortable, roomy and powerful. Whether you’re renting or looking to buy a car for truck-camping purposes, the qualities offered by Chevrolet’s pickup truck should be the ones you seek.

Set up ultimate comfort in the truck bed.

Since you’ll likely be very active during these outdoor expeditions, you’ll want the optimal energy to keep up. Getting crucial rest is key to rejuvenating yourself, and it starts with a good bed. While you don’t have the traditional bed available when truck bed camping, you can get the most comfortable sleeping pad for it. Trying to balance comfort and size can be tricky when picking a truck bed mattress. REI’s Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream Mattress is an inflatable mattress with a thin foam top. This one gives you the comfort you need but also ideal for tight spaces. In the morning, you can save some room in your truck and roll it up to the size of a sleeping bag.

Keep the truck bed clean.

Keep the place you sleep, clean. Before heading out on your camping trip, thoroughly clean the truck bed so that all the dirt and grime is gone. Also take out any unnecessary items you may have left in there that won’t be used during your outdoor adventures. You can maintain this cleanliness and keep out debris and dust out with a tonneau cover, aka – a truck bed cover. Depending on the type of truck you have, choose one that offers the most coverage and keeps your truck bed sealed tight to prevent dirt from entering. Read about the best tonneau covers here.

Pitch a truck bed tent.

It’s not considered camping until you have a tent, right? Pitching a truck bed tent that attaches to the car will protect you from weather, mosquito and everything a normal ground tent would provide. The NAPIER Backroadz full-size truck bed tent offers an easy setup and ample headroom. It’s built for total protection against rain with a sturdy construction, yet still remains flexible, which comes very handing when taking down and setting up.

Bring weather-proof gear.

Aside from getting a weather-proof tent, you’ll also want to come prepared with weather-proof gear. You’re inevitably going to be outside your truck, doing outdoor activities that will likely call for durable gear that protects you against various weather conditions. Pack camping boots and rain boots along with windbreakers, raincoats or even down jackets to stay warm for colder nights. Also come prepared with waterproof plastic totes and bags that you can keep wet items in. Additionally, you’ll want to keep your electronics and other items that can’t get wet in a safe weather-proof area of the truck.

Pack what you need to live.

In all this excitement for truck bed camping, don’t forget to pack the essentials for survival. You are camping, after all, so you will need a few items that you can’t live without. Pack water—store gallons of it in the truck to prepare for those long stretches of travel without access to fresh water. Not only will you need it for drinking but you’ll also need it for cleaning your body and items like cooking utensils. And as far as eating goes, be sure to bring a small grill and grilling items you might need to cook, like charcoal, lighter fluid, matches and grilling tongs, along with non-perishable food. To keep warm, pack blankets (something you might forget in the midst of packing up the truck but will greatly be appreciated when push comes to shove). Last but definitely not least, pack a headlamp so you can get some light during the night time—it’s a safety precaution that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Truck bed camping can be fun and bring you closer to the appreciating the simple things in life. So long as you come prepared, you can have the best experience getting in touch with nature and traveling as you please, with all the flexibility truck bed camping has to over.

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