Fashion Disaster
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Calling All Dads! You Don’t Have To Be A Fashion Disaster

As you reach a certain age after you’ve had your kids, life can fall into a mundane routine, you may find a few extra pounds sitting stubbornly upon your midriff, and you can feel like you’re losing touch with fashion or anything remotely current, cool or trendy. That’s part of getting older. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be one of those dads walking around in beige corduroy trousers and a woolen sweater. At the same time, you don’t want to be the ultimate embarrassment to your kids and look as if you’re trying to reclaim your youth in the most tragic way possible by wearing what young men half your age wear. So, how do you find the balance when it comes to fashion? Look at these tips that will ensure that you never fall into the pit of fashion disaster.

Fashion Disaster

Loosen the Fit

As anyone gets older, male or female, it can be harder to maintain a sculptured physique, especially when it’s trickier to hit the gym because you have to take Bob to soccer practice or Bella to ballet. Don’t try and squeeze into those drainpipe jeans until you are nearly hyperventilating because you remember that they looked good on you twenty years ago. You are older now, and you must accept that you need to adapt your wardrobe. It’s time to pay more attention to the fit of your clothes. Loosen the trousers and say goodbye to those buff shirts to welcome in a more tailored style al a Some of the best forty something men ooze class and sophistication in a well-measured suit with a splash of color or pattern in the shirt and tie.

Fashion Disaster

Have A Clear-Out

It’s liberating when you open your wardrobe and pull out every single item of clothing you have. Put it in a big pile on your bed and go through each item one by one. Be ruthless. If it doesn’t fit, give it to a charity shop. If it’s an item that would make you look cringe-worthy because it’s made for the youth of today, give it to your son. Retro is cool. Once you’ve had a clear out, you can assess the items of clothing you need to buy to refresh your look.

Fashion Disaster

You Can Still Be Daring

The world of fashion is still very much open to you. If you enjoy the hipster style or the biker look and this is a style that people know you for, you can still achieve this look without appearing as if you’re trying too hard. You just need to know how to adapt your style. For the hipster among us, you can keep the plaid shirt and the loafer shoes, just grab a looser fitting pair of jeans and go for tailored black rather than ripped light stone wash. If you’re into a more edgy look, it pays to go to to look at the art of dressing as an alter ego. It details how to achieve the ideal outfit, discusses the importance of shoes and details how the perfect haircut can make you look impeccably groomed.

Fashion Disaster

Consider accessories

As you get older, you may be more concerned with what device you have on your wrist rather than the color shirt that you’re wearing. Starting a watch collection is a defining moment for the discerning gentleman. Many men of a certain age enjoy adding to their collection year on year with an array of leather strapped, chronograph watches that can elevate your attire. If you want to smarten up your outfits and shift your style from hipster to gentleman, a classic timepiece can help.

The most iconic forty something gentleman in popular culture is James Bond. His timeless sophistication is something that many men, young and old, aspire to. If you don’t like suits, you can tone down the formalities a little but be wary of sportswear. Greying men in tracksuits can turn heads for all the wrong reasons and they should be worn only for the gym or when you are heading out for a jog.


If you are reading this and feeling inspired to do something about your wardrobe, go ahead and revitalize your attire. You can be more fashionable than ever before by selecting age appropriate clothing, using your outfits to express your personality and by heading to the salon for a male grooming session. All is not lost as soon as you hit forty. Indeed, your best fashion years are yet to come.

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