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3 Great Reasons Why is Dirt Biking Popular?

Dirt Biking

Motorcycles get a bad reputation as a dangerous vehicle, but dirt bikes get that perhaps even more so. While the safety of riding a road or dirt bike is entirely dependent on the user, a lot of people seem to have a tough time understanding the allure of riding. So why, then, is dirt biking such a popular sport? Let’s look at a few reasons why so many different people enjoy it.


If you’ve ever known a biker, you’ve probably heard them say something about how much they love the freedom of the open road. Most importantly, you only really experience that freedom through riding. Dirt biking takes that freedom to an entirely new level. As an article from DIY Moto Fix says, “Dirt biking is great because in most cases the speed is no longer limited by law . . . Being in control of how quickly you get from Point A to Point B is an awesome privilege.” The freedom of the open highway may seem alluring, but for dirt biking enthusiasts, there’s nothing that tops the beckoning wild of the trail.

Affordable fun

A lot of hobbies are pretty expensive. Golf is a good example of that, as is fly fishing or mountain climbing. The gear wears out, there’s always a new club or fly rod, to buy, and both golf courses and rivers charge fees to recreate on them. Dirt biking, however, is a lot easier to get into if you’re mechanically savvy and don’t have the cash for more expensive hobbies. Like any hobby, you can spend a notable amount on a new bike. The beauty is that a lot of great bikes are available around the $5,000 – $7,000 range. With rates on dirt bike loans so low, right now is a pretty good time to start looking.

Family and friends

Few activities really get your entire family or group of friends involved together – especially activities involving the outdoors. Dirt biking, though, is a terrific way to spend time with your entire family, build skills as a parent, and grow closer to your spouse and kids. Teaching kids how to ride, helping them through tough stretches, and letting them ride further and further on their own are all great microcosms of the lessons all parents should learn at some point. Dirt biking may seem a bit uncouth, but after you peel back the layers of dust, go for a ride, and experience the thrill of riding, you’ll understand why it’s such a popular, addictive sport.

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