Busy Lifestyle
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My Busy Lifestyle: Here’s A Peek at My Life with Liberte



Busy Lifestyle

It seems like the older I’ve gotten, the busier my schedule has become. Since I’ll be turning 40 in a couple of weeks I’ve been making minor changes in my lifestyle. With all that, I’m still working night shifts and that’s where it was hard to make those changes. Instead of drinking so many sodas, I’ve started drinking more water and it’s kind of tough some nights. I’ve also ditched the fast food and candy bars and went back to my Liberte Yogurt to go with fruits. Since I love shopping at Publix all the time I get to grab both while doing some shopping. What better place than Publix to get my Liberte Yogurt and fresh fruits like strawberries, watermelons and grapes. Liberte Yogurt is great to grab while I’m on the run and here’s a few places I take my Liberte Yogurt while I’m on the run.

Working at Night

Busy Lifestyle

Most of the times I take a gallon of water to fill up throughout the night. Usually I’ll take a fruit bowl or a few slices of watermelon to go with my Liberte Yogurt. The Liberte Phillippine Coconut flavor tastes great with my watermelon.


Busy Lifestyle

When I get home from work I help my youngest daughter get situated for school and take her to school. During that time and afterwards, I spend most of that time working on my blog. The Liberte Ecuadorian Mango flavor is something I love to have for breakfast. First of all, it’s organic and the taste is amazing, plus now my family how followed me by snacking on Liberte Yogurt.

Daughter’s Cheerleading

My youngest daughter cheerleading a lot of my times throughout the week. She has practice three times a week and have games every Saturday evening. We travel a lot and sometimes I spend between an hour and a half to two hours at her practice. During that time, I’ll be honest, I get hungry while I’m waiting for her to finish. During those times, I’m drinking water and have a Liberte Yogurt.

Those are just a few things I’m doing throughout the week and trust me there’s more. If you haven’t tried Liberte Yogurt, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Head to Publix and grab your own, plus get a coupon to get your own.

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