Practical Kids Presents
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Practical Kids Presents That Are Still Fun

With Christmas closer than any time it was during the summer, considering your options early is key. As kids get older, buying them presents that they’ll love, that won’t break the bank of dad, and that will last, can be difficult. Gift ideas can go out the window and you desperately beg your children for their Christmas and birthday lists for even a scrap of know how. Yet you know your children better than anyone, so trust in your own instincts and buy practical presents you know they’ll love. That way they’ll get plenty of use out of a beloved item, and you’ll feel so happy seeing them happy when they peel away the wrapping paper. Check out a few of the gift ideas below for some good shopping aisle directions.

Practical Kids Presents

Buying Some Clothes

It can be hard to pick out clothes that your kids will like and still fit them in a month’s time. Adolescents are in the biggest growth spurts of their lives and thus buying two sizes too big is a common practice if you have a tween. However, a lot of accessory items come in a ‘one size fits all’ package. Snatching up some funky socks can be a great stocking filler, and truth be told, are always pretty cool to own. Kids will appreciate sock efforts a lot more when they’re older however, so this is a good bet for tweens and up.

Their Own Journals

Everyone needs a little creative outlet, and when we get older it means we have something to look back on that’s enriched with feeling and memory. Having something like a ‘wreck this journal’ or a plain pad your kid can do whatever with means they’ll be more creative and expressive, and can improve their confidence in the long term. By buying your child a diary, you encourage them to get in touch with their feelings and how to express themselves better. We all need a helping hand in this, and kids most of all need this support.

A Planetarium Or Telescope

Teaching logical and creative thinking is even more important nowadays in an academic world and such a competitive job market. If you know your kids are interested in the stars, as a lot of them are, encourage this with plenty of themed presents. If your child has a big enough window in their room, then you can buy them a telescope to set up next to it.


Buying a mini planetarium can come with a bit of a hefty price tag, but it can be a good investment, and a main present for the year. On the other hand, a planetarium trip can be an all round good experience for the whole family! Change up your Christmas and birthday habits with some practical presents. We become more and more likely to receive these as we get older so you might as well start now! It doesn’t have to get rid of any childhood magic, as learning can be fun!

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