Nas Lost Tapes
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Legendary Nas Lost Tapes Released 15 Years Ago Today

Nas Lost Tapes

15 years ago today, my favorite rapper alive Nas released his classic Lost Tapes album. Before the album was dropped, let’s go back about a year before its release. Nas was embroiled with beef with Jay-Z, which was turning ugly with the diss tracks. Towards the end of 2001, Nas released his classic Stillmatic album and we know he dropped Ether on Jigga. Stillmatic is looked at as Nas returning to greatness because some saw his Nastradamus and I Am didn’t live up to his first two albums. After the success of Stillmatic, the label wanted to put out more music from Nas and went into the vault to pick some tracks to release. The Lost Tapes album was an instant classic with some calling it his best work since Illmatic. My favorite tracks are Doo Rags, No Ideas Original, Blaze A 50 and Purple to name a few.

Check out the album on Spotify or listen to it above if you haven’t heard it before. Afterwards, let me know what you think about the album. What do you think about Nas? Leave a comment below about the Lost Tapes album or anything related to Nas.

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