Raw Moments from Ontario
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Top 10 Raw Moments from Ontario California

Raw Moments from Ontario

Monday Night Raw took place from Ontario, California the night after the No Mercy PPV, which was really good. We have the fallout from the PPV as we saw Brock Lesnar successfully defended his Universal championship. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose held on to their gold over the former champs and we saw Cesaro get his teeth knocked out. The Miz escaped with the Intercontinental championship with the help of the Miz-tourage. Alexa Bliss also managed to hold on to her championship in the Fatal 5-Way match. The lone title change came when Enzo went the heel route to upend Neville. After all that, Monday Night Raw had some explosive moments and we learned about the shoulder injury to Jeff Hardy also. Let’s see what the top moments were from this edition of Monday Night Raw.

10- Finn Balor hit the Coup De Grace on Goldust to pick up the victory. After the match, Bray interrupted Balor by playing a song while Finn was in the ring.

9- Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews was shouting Worldwide on the outside by Elias and he kicked O’Neill in the leg and Crews tossed Elias in the ring. Elias kicked Crews as he entered the ring and hit him with his finisher for the win. Elias attacked O’Neill as he entered the ring, but Titus ended up getting the best of him.

8- Sheamus was met with a superkick from Rollins as he leaped from the second rope and was hit with Rollins finisher as Seth picked up the win.

7- Bayley hit her finisher on Emma to pick up the win.

6- Jason Jordan speared both Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas in the corner, then he suplexed Axel and Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Bo Dallas for the win.

5- Strowman caught Ambrose as he tried the elbow drop and turned it into a power slam for the win.

4- Alexa Bliss called Mickie James an old lady and James countered that with a pair of slaps then a kick to Bliss.

3- Enzo told Neville if he laid a hand on him he would never get another shot at the cruiserweight title because he had a no-contact clause. Neville proceeded to kick Enzo, beat him up, stuff the contract in his mouth, kicked him and eventually hit a sick Red Arrow as the other cruiserweights cheered.

2- Braun Strowman ran down Curt Hawkins, chokeslammed him through a table in the crowd and then powerslammed him through the TitanTron entrance.

1- Roman Reigns hit Miz with the spear to pick up the victory. After the match, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel attacked Reigns and Miz hit two Skull Crushing Finales on Reigns. They all stood over Reigns and mocked the Shield’s fist gesture.


Did you check out Monday Night Raw? How about the No Mercy PPV? What did you think about them? What were your favorite moments from Monday Night Raw? Leave a comment below.

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