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3 Amazing Ways to Power Up Your Toolbox

Whether you’ve been a DIY master from the moment you first picked up a toy hammer, or you’ve recently developed an interest in such a useful hobby, you’ve probably received a lot of advice on what needs to be in every man’s toolbox. Wrenches, sockets, and pliers are all useful things to add to your own toolbox, but there are certain tools you might not have yet that could really expand your range of abilities. No matter how skilled you are at DIY projects, you’re always going to be limited by time if you stick with traditional tools. If you have enough money in your budget, it’s time to give your toolbox a mega upgrade.

Cordless drill


The drill is one of the first power tools you need to add to your arsenal to begin expanding your DIY skills. You’ll need to do some research when upgrading to a power tool because the most expensive drill might not necessarily be the best for your needs. You can read some reviews at, or ask your other DIY friends about their own power drills and what you need to look for when you shop around. A cordless drill gives you even more freedom because you’re not limited by the range of its wire. With a solid cordless drill, you can take on most drilling tasks from small pilot holes to large holes to run electrical through, and driving fasteners from dainty screws to beefy lag bolts.

Circular saw


This is one of the most popular tools used for framing. Circular saws are great for cutting across the grain on large or thick planks of wood, as well as for cutting along the grain. It’s ideal if you find your wood cutting needs have increased, and a hacksaw is no longer getting the job done for you. A circular saw can cut through a stack of wood in two minutes, where a handsaw might have taken ten times that. It’s lightweight and portability makes it easy for cutting in tight and awkward areas. If you’re going to get a circular saw, you should go straight for a corded model. Corded versions breakdown into two camps, smaller, more traditional circular saws, or more heavy-duty “worm drive” saws.  If you’re a DIY’er and have typical cutting needs, a traditional circ saw with sufficient power is all you need. If you’er looking for the best worm drive saws, check out these worm drive saw reviews from guys who know best.

Orbital sander

ToolboxAfter you’ve cut all your wood, drilled holes in it, and assembled it to your specifications, you need to complete your project by sanding it down before finishing it with a nice polish. Sandpaper sheets are useful little tools, but it can take a long time to complete larger surface areas. You can cut your time in half and avoid straining your wrist by using an orbital sander for rough or finish work on furniture, ceilings, walls, floors, or other woodwork. You might need a different kind of power sander depending on the task, so check out for more advice.

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