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5 Tips to Selecting the Best Horse at a Race

Best Horse

If you are searching for expert advice on how to place winning bets in horse racing, look no further. This article aims to give you the best possible information and hints on how to increase your chances of winning racehorses.

For those who are about to get into horse race betting, you will appreciate that it’s all about choosing a winning horse. It can be confusing to learn what it takes to rack up the big bucks. The key is in knowing the following five essential aspects, and you’ll raise your odds for making the right choices once you are handed today’s horse racing cards.

Research on the Trainers

When choosing a horse, you not only crave somebody with a history of winning, you should delve deeper to investigate if their current coach is a skilled trainer. You’ll want to know the last time the handler claimed the specific horse. Also, probe whether they’ve won anything since they started working with each other.

Check for Changes in Horse Equipment

You’d want to find 3-5 horses who have come in first or at least ranked in the top five of their most recent race. You’d want to probe further on which of the selected horses have new gear. A horse will run better with headlights to aid with their vision. Be on the lookout for such minor issues, and you will be able to deduce the level of preparedness.

Scrutinize the Last 10 Races

Occasionally, you can simply find out the best horse to put your money on based on their performances in their ten previous races. Utilizing the ten-race trick helps in unearthing a pattern. A horse may have won three consecutive races, lost one and won three in a row, and the pattern repeats itself. If there’s a pattern, aim to see whether it shows a win their next race. Evaluating a horse’ ten previous races seems subjective; nevertheless, it works.

Most bookmakers allow bookies to have a look at racing history.

Spot the Healthy-Looking Horses

Avoid betting on horses that give the slightest hint of fatigue before a race. You are likely to pick a winning horse by judging by their movements in the practice area. Choose a horse that takes long and fluid steps.

Therefore, you need to be keen and observe their performance before each race.

Put your Money on the Race Favorite

Most people would be tempted to put their cash on the underdogs because of the higher odds bestowed upon them. Betting on the favorite horse pay off roughly 33% of the time. Putting your money on the favorite to finish first, second pays off about 53% of the time while betting on the front-runner to win or finish as the first-runners up or second-runners up pays-off approximately 67% of the time. There are numerous variables, sometimes opting for the front-runner is the best decision.


Horse racing isn’t easy. The solution is to bear in mind the above tips to raise your odds of winning.

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