2017 NBA Opening Night
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Daddy’s Hangout 2017 NBA Opening Night Predictions

2017 NBA Opening Night

It’s finally here! After a chaotic off-season, the NBA season is back again and I’ll be honest, I’m excited about it. First off, the Western Conference is stacked this year as Oklahoma City added Paul George and then Carmelo Anthony. The Houston Rockets added arguably the best point guard in the league and future Hall-of-Famer in Chris Paul. The Golden State Warriors are looking to repeat as champions as they kept their nucleus together and added Nick Young. The Eastern Conference had their share of drama as Kyrie Irving demanded a trade and he was dealt to the Boston Celtics. Boston also added free agent Gordon Hayward to the mix as they try to dethrone the Cavaliers. Cleveland received Isaiah Thomas is return, but he could miss most of the season as he recovers from a bad hip. Let’s see how things turned out on opening night.


2017 NBA Opening Night2017 NBA Opening NightWe kick things off with a rematch from the Eastern Conference championship from a year ago. Of course, Kyrie Irving plays for the Celtics and they signed Gordon Heyward in free agency. Cleveland added Isaiah Thomas, but like I mentioned earlier, he will not be a part of the team until the beginning of the year. If that wasn’t enough, Cleveland added Derrick Rose and then Dwyane Wade to the mix with hopes of dethroning Golden State. Coming into this game, Lebron James has been nursing an ankle injury, but I believe he’ll be available for this one. Honestly, I think Kyrie will flourish in the Boston system and the addition of Hayward will help them this year and going forward. I’m not expecting a major game from Lebron as I see him notching a triple double with about 21 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in route to the win.

Cavs Win 104-97


2017 NBA Opening Night2017 NBA Opening NightWe kick things off in the Western Conference with the defending champions hosting the new-look Houston Rockets. Houston will be looking to advance further this year so they went out and picked up Chris Paul. If healthy, Paul can make a difference for the Rockets as his leadership is unmatched. As we all know, James Harden’s leadership has been questioned by former coach and NBA Hall-Of-Famer Kevin McHale. Can Paul provide enough for the Rockets to overthrow the Warriors? Golden State is coming off a championship season and they could keep their core players in the process. The addition of Nick Young gives them another shooter as it seems like they’re primed for another championship run. Does the Rockets have enough to go into the home of Golden State and steal the opening game? I’m thinking that the Rockets are still missing a piece to challenge them and the Warriors should win.

Warriors Win 115-99


I’ve been wanting to do a basketball prediction posts for the longest, but with so many games I didn’t think it was possible. My initial thinking is that I’ll do the big games or the ones that’ll be televised on TNT or ESPN for now. Are you excited about the NBA season? What’s your favorite team? Who’s your favorite player? What do you think about my picks? Leave a comment below.

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