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Celebrate National Pizza Month in October

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Let’s be honest for a minute, I’ve never met anyone in my lifetime that doesn’t like pizza. My family usually want some pizza about every other week and sometimes more. Recently, I found out that there’s actually a month dedicated to pizza. October is viewed as National Pizza Month, so October isn’t just dedicated to Halloween. The love of pizza came about when the American soldiers returned from fighting in Italy during World War II. This all started in 1984 by Gerry Durnell, who was founder of the Pizza Today publication and a small pizzeria owner. The month of October was chose for National Pizza Month because that was the first month the magazine came out. National Pizza Month is recognized throughout the United States and in much of Canada also.

It has been reported that over 63,000 pizzerias in the United States, which is astounding. 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month and that’s crazy to think about. All those figures equal to about 45 slices of pizza being eaten per person in the United States. We all love pizza in our household whether it’s at our favorite pizza places one sometimes we like to make our own. When baking pizza at home, you need the right utensils to cook and enjoy your pizza.

T-Fal AirBake Natural Large 15 3/4-in. Pizza Pan

PizzaFirst of all, we all like to make very, very large pizzas. The T-Fal AirBake Natural Large Pizza Pan is perfect if you make your own or buy one from your local store. The insulated aluminum sheets and micro-dome technology provide reduced cooking time. The aluminum construction ensures durability and its dishwasher safe.

T-Fal Ingenio Tritan Pizza Cutter Wheel

PizzaIf you love pizza like we do, then you got to have a great pizza cutter. The T-Fal Ingenio Tritan Pizza Cutter Wheel is made of ultra-hard Tritan to cut effortlessly through pizza. For thorough cleaning, the blade detaches easy and it’s safe on non-stick surfaces. Just like the T-Fal Pizza Pan, this pizza cutter is dishwasher safe also.


Did you know that October was National Pizza Month? How much does your family eat pizza? Leave a comment below.

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