Jay Z Released American Gangster
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Jay Z Released American Gangster 10 Years Ago Today

Jay Z Released American Gangster

Jay Z dropped most of his albums in the month of November it seemed like. In My Lifetime, Volume 1 dropped 20 years ago a couple of days ago. American Gangster, which was inspired by the movie starring Denzel Washington dropped 10 years ago. This was the tenth studio album from Jay-Z and his second after coming out of retirement. The album features Nas, Beanie Sigel, Lil Wayne and Pharrell. American Gangster was the album we all wanted from Jay-Z because Kingdom Come didn’t do anything for me. Of course, Kingdom Come was the comeback album from Jay-Z, but this one was my shit. The first single Blue Magic was released almost two months before the album release. Blue Magic was a nice old-school track, but Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…) was the one that got me ready for the album. Below is the track listing for the album.


  1. Intro
  2. Pray
  3. American Dreamin
  4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 ft. Lil Wayne
  5. No Hook
  6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is….)
  7. Sweet
  8. I Know ft. Pharrell
  9. Party Life
  10. Ignorant Shit ft. Beanie Sigel
  11. Say Hello
  12. Success ft. Nas
  13. Fallin
  14. Blue Magic (Bonus Track)
  15. American Gangster (Bonus Track)


This album caught me by surprise seeing it was a concept album, but it was nicely done. My favorite tracks are American Dreamin, Ignorant Shit, Success, Roc Boys, Hello Brooklyn, I Know and Blue Magic. The entire album is one that you can listen to from the beginning to the end without skipping a track. Since I haven’t done one in a while, this is my Music Monday and if you’re looking to add this to your collection, click here. Check out the track, Rock Boys (And the Winner Is….) below which is my favorite track off the album.

Do you have this album in your collection? What’s your favorite track off the American Gangster album? Leave a comment below.

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