Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx
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4 Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx for the Holiday Season

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Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx

As a Father, we often get left out when it comes to receiving gifts. Over the years, it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to but if my kids are taken care of it has never mattered. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I can get a gift I’m all for it. If you follow me, then you know that I’ve received some great items from Babbleboxx. Whether it’s for Christmas, Father’s Day or just being able to get gifts Babbleboxx got you covered. With the holiday season around the corner I’m fortunate enough to receive more gifts from Babbleboxx. One of the wonderful things about Babbleboxx is that they always send things that I can use in my everyday life. This time is no different as I received the Roku Streaming Stick, Black Clover Premium Fitted Hat, Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Men’s Shirt and a Mystery Tackle Box.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Amazing Gifts for Babbleboxx

Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx

When I’m not working, I love watching TV, but I like to save money at the same time. Since we ditched our previous provider, we have been streaming ever since and this Roku Streaming Stick+ is perfect for me. With Roku, I can watch sports, documentaries and I can listen to music plus still watch movies on Netflix. With the advanced wireless receiver, you’ll get 4X the range to go with a stronger signal for streaming. While I’m at work my wife can still watch her programs on NBC and her other channels. Streaming is the future, so why not get the Roku to enjoy your streaming and the remote is voice controlled. The picture is amazing, and you can control the volume on your TV without keeping the TV remote around you.

Black Clover Premium Fitted Hat

Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx

If you know me, then you know that I love wearing hats. Whether it’s hats of my favorite sports team, clothing brands or just a hat that looks great I’m always wearing a hat. The Black Clover Premium Fitted Hat looks great as it goes with almost everything I wear. This hat is awesome as it’s not like any other fitted cap you’ll buy because it has Memory-Fit technology. Trust me, your first thought is there’s no way my head will fit in this hat, but it did, and I have a big head. The Memory-Fit technology alleviates headaches from prolonged wear, prevents forehead marks, and increases sweat absorption. Unlike any other hats, this one keeps the wearer cooler and dry. Head to the Black Clover website, get your own and use Discount Code: CLOVER10 to get 10% off.

Mystery Tackle Box

Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx

Are you someone that loves doing activities outdoors? Since I’ve had a few co-workers talk me into fishing a few months ago, this will come in handy. Mystery Tackle Box is a fun and affordable way for those who love fishing to discover new fishing lures. With the holidays around the corner, this would make a great gift option for outdoor and fishing enthusiasts. With Mystery Tackle Box, you can purchase 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions with “print-at-home” options starting at 43.50. My Mystery Tackle Box contain fishing tackle, lead nail weights, bait and several types of hooks. Next time I go Trout Fishing with my co-workers I’ll be ready to go. Use Discount GIVEMTB for 5% off all Gift Subscriptions from now until Dec 31st 2017.

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Men’s ShirtAmazing Gifts from Babbleboxx

I had the pleasure of receiving the black with the short sleeves back in June. With it being cold now and sometimes the gym is a bit chilly, this is perfect. Once you start running on the treadmill the first couple of minutes you start getting hot, but not with this shirt. The HydroFreeze X technology is a cooling management system that moves moisture away from the skin and lowers the temperature of the fabric. When all that takes place, it keeps you active and cool. Arctic Cool’s Instant Cooling apparel line includes T-shirts, tank tops and accessories for men and women.

Arctic Cool Shirt Giveaway

Here’s your chance to win your very own Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt of your own. Follow the instructions below for your chance to win as you have until December 13th when the giveaway is over. After being notified that you’re the winner, you have 24 hours to respond with your information. Best of luck to everyone!!


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