Survive Holiday Travel
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The One Thing You Need to Survive Holiday Travel

In Partnership with Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet 

Survive Holiday Travel

What type of stroller can I gate check? Should I bring the car seat on the airplane? What IDs do my kids need? It’s no secret that there’s plenty to worry about when traveling with kids. Now, thanks to Amazon and their all-new Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet you can stop worrying about one major travel hassle: how to entertain your kids in the car or on the plane. With a little something for everyone (think: exciting content for the kids and peace-of-mind parental controls for the grown-ups) the new Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is the perfect travel companion. Here are four reasons why:


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1. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Will Entertain for Hours

From snacks to changes of clothes, you’re never one to start a trip unprepared. But, when it comes to entertainment you simply need to pack one thing only: Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. Each tablet includes a one-year subscription to Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited, an all-in-one app that provides unlimited access to over 15,000 kid-friendly books, videos, apps and games. And it’s good stuff, too. We’re talking content from PBS Kids, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Amazon Originals and more. Kids can also enjoy access to over 55,000 websites and YouTube videos in the FreeTime kid-safe web browser.

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited also has a new feature: download your child’s favorite videos, educational apps, games and books for access when you don’t have Wi-Fi. Simply tap and hold on a video, app, or book and download to your child’s FreeTime profile. When an Internet connection is unavailable, your child will automatically see available content that has been downloaded to their FreeTime profile. With so much entertainment at their fingertips, your kids may never want to leave that airplane seat.

Survive Holiday Travel

2. Parental Controls: Mom & Dad Love It, Too

Whether you’re in the front seat driving to Grandma’s house or rushing to baggage claim, chances are that you won’t be able to keep tabs on what your kids are looking at every single minute. And, with Amazon’s Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet, you don’t have to! Each tablet comes fully equipped with parental controls, which allow adults to manage and customize their kids’ experience, set bedtime curfews and employ tighter controls on screen time and content. With Learn First, you can block access to videos and games until educational targets such as reading goals are met. The control panel also allows parents to manage screen time. Your child can only access the tablet during specified times designated by you.

Survive Holiday Travel

3. Parent Dashboard: A Gift You Both Can Enjoy

Just because your kiddo is engrossed in his tablet, doesn’t mean you also can’t enjoy its perks. Use that travel time or a trip to your in-law’s house to connect with your kids. Here’s where the tablet’s parent dashboard comes in: it features daily activity reports allowing you to review the books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games your kids accessed that day and discussion cards, which provides you talking points and sample questions based on the content your kids discovered. This combination of reviewing what your kids see and discussion cards will help parents connect with their kids during the busy holiday season and keep tabs on what they’re enjoying.

Survive Holiday Travel4. Every Tablet Comes with a Two-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

You have enough to worry about when traveling during the holidays, which is why we love the two-year worry-free guarantee that comes with every single Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet purchase. In basic terms: if something happens, return it to Amazon for a replacement. No questions asked. Bonus: every tablet also comes equipped with a kid-proof case in blue, pink or yellow.


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