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How to Save Yourself And Family From Money Issues

Money stress is just the worse. None more so than if you have a family. The stresses of having to provide for so many people can sometimes be too much for you. Especially if you’re struggling as it is. But it isn’t just you that can have the money issues. As you kids grow older and start to have jobs and go to college etc. they’re more likely to come into the same issues you face. Whilst educating yourself you can also educate them. If you and your family are feeling the pinch at the minute, here’s a couple of ways to reduce the strain.

Money Issues

Cut Backs

Nobody likes to cut back on the things they love. We’re all humans, and we all love spending money. Buying something we want gives us that happy feeling we all need. But, it also can put you in a bad situation. A takeaway every Friday night might seem like a fab idea. But come the end of the month you could have wasted nearly $100 dollars on food that you didn’t need, maybe even more if you have a big family. Creating healthy home cooked meals is the way forward if you’re looking to save the cash. Yes, it will never taste as good as something you haven’t cooked yourself. But that $100 could go towards Christmas, or savings for your children. It’s hard, but when you start a family you do need to try and cut back on a few different areas.

Get Insurance Cover

Getting insurance cover for you and your family is an excellent way to manage unpredictable risks in the future. Ideally, getting insurance cover means that you transfer the financial costs of a possible loss to an insurance company of your choice. In return for this favor, you pay a small fee over a period of time. 

There are various insurance policies to match your needs when you have a family. For instance, you can get health insurance for your children to save you from paying expensive medical bills, or consider insuring your motorcycle to keep your family from paying too much money in case you are involved in an accident.

Manage Ingoings And Outgoings

A lot of people don’t manage their ingoings and outgoings, yet will wonder why they’re running out of money by the second or third week. Sometimes you just don’t realize what money is going where, it just flies out of your account quicker than it comes in. Some people also lose track of their salaries, which is easy enough to do when you have paper payslips. You might find it easier to manage your money if you can see each paycheck electronically, just like you can if you use apps such as PayStubs. More of which information can be found at Once you’ve got a clear idea of what’s going in, see what’s going out and if you can reduce any payments. Bills are the worst for stripping your money, use comparison sites and see if you can get any cheaper quotes.

Educate Your Children

When your kids are growing up, they’ll have no real concept of money. Even when they have their first job they won’t understand what it means to be careful with money. Then when it comes to moving out they’re left in a pickle trying to manage their money. Learn from your own past mistakes and educate them. Teach them that credit cards aren’t always the best solution and savings need to be started early if they want to have something to fall back on. Teach them how to manage bills etc. and that they can always come to you for help if they need to. Often knowing you’ve got someone there to help you is the key to staying on track.

As a parent, we have to do better with our kids and ourselves. I’m always looking for ways to make money whether it’s work more, network or play some casino games from it don’t matter.

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