Wardrobe Building
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Wardrobe Building Basics Every Man Needs

Wardrobe Building

There comes a point with everyone’s wardrobe where it’s just time to update it and make some changes. Perhaps you’ve recently started a new job, maybe you’re looking to dress in a more put-together and professional fashion, or maybe you just want to build a higher quality wardrobe that holds up better. Whatever the reason for updating it, a wardrobe needs to start with a selection of basic pieces.

Here we’ll look at the must-have wardrobe building basics that every many needs. These basics will take you from the office, to the weekend, to dinner out with friends.

The Basic T-Shirt

Basic t-shirts are multi-functional pieces that are an absolute must in your wardrobe. These can be worn on their own just as a t-shirt, or they can be used as under-layers with dress shirts, casual shirts, cardigans, and hoodies. Ideally you want to pick up a few white ones and a few black ones. Steer clear of any graphics or text on the t-shirt, it should just be plain.

Neutral Colored Trousers

The next basic is a couple of pairs of neutral-colored trousers. Options such as these moleskin trousers from Peter Christian Gentlemen’s Outfitters in indigo, chocolate, or gunmetal will work with all kinds of different colors and prints on top. Not only that but these trousers can work in the office depending on the dress code, and when you go out in the evening. They can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair with them.

A Solid Colored Blazer

Whether you work in a formal office or not, every man needs a solid colored blazer. A blazer obviously works well in an office but it’s also great for any dressy events you attend outside of work, heading to a fancier restaurant for dinner, or even paired with jeans for a trendy night out. Blazers are surprisingly versatile and never go out of style.

The Button-Down Shirt

Here’s another wardrobe basic that is incredibly versatile, allowing you to dress it up or down. A couple of button down dress shirts will never go to waste in a wardrobe. You can always grab one in a solid color and one in a print. Just be sure to look for a high-quality cotton so that the shirt holds up well over time.

A Classic Looking Tie

Because there will always be those events that pop up in life that require more formal wear, it’s a good idea to have a classic looking tie in your wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a fortune and shop for a pure silk tie, just pick something with neutral colors that will work with various color palettes.

Perfect Fitting Jeans

Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of perfect fitting jeans. Keep in mind when shopping for jeans, the darker the wash of the denim, the dressier they look. You may want to get one dark wash and one mid-tone wash just for variety.

The Ideal Wardrobe of Basics

These basic pieces act as the building blocks to any well-rounded men’s wardrobe, allowing you to build on your options from there.


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