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Ooma Home Security Protect My Home While at Work

Ooma Home Security

If you have followed me over the years, then you know I’m a 3rd shift worker. This has gone on for quite some time now, which is good to help with my family. Throughout all the years, my worries were minimal because we’ve had great neighbors who looked out for each other. If that wasn’t enough, it seems like crimes pretty much never occurred. Fast forward to 2017, we relocated to a better neighborhood in a bigger city and when you turn on the TV, all you see or hear about is crimes. Recently, one hit too close to home, which has got me texting throughout the night because I do worry. Whenever I’m home during the nights, you tend to hear every little noise and I’ve walked around the house during the nights to be safe. After all that it was time to make the house more secure.

We turned to Ooma Home Security

Since we longer have home phone service, this is perfect because it is included. The installation is free and all you have to worry about is where to place the motion sensors. You can control everything from your smartphone by downloading the Ooma Home Security app, which is free. With the Ooma Home Security System you’ll be able to get alerts 24/7 and check the status of your home at any time. If that wasn’t enough, with this service you can call 911 from anywhere. With all of this, you’re probably expecting to pay a high monthly fee, but that’s not the case as the service is $5.99 a month. Here’s what’s included in your Ooma Home Security System.

Ooma Telo Base Station

Ooma Home Security

Ooma Home Security

This is your command hub and the setup are easy. You can place the device anywhere in your home as long as you have access to an internet connection. Once you power it up and have it connected to the internet, you need to go online to setup your system. When you’re doing that, don’t forget to download the app onto your smartphone.

Ooma Motion Detector


The motion detector can be placed anywhere in your home. For this, think about placing it where you want to get alerts for unexpected movement. For me, a couple options are at my door going to the patio or possibly on the side of the house where there’s a door. If you have little ones and have stairs, this may be a wonderful place to put it.

Ooma Door & Window Sensors

Ooma Home Security

Ooma Home Security

The Ooma Home Security System comes with sensors to be placed on a window or door. Once again, my door that goes to the patio is a place for me to place mine. One of the main reasons is that my kids have a knack for not closing the door all the way when they come inside. When that happens, I’ll immediately get an alert letting me know that the door is open. Ooma offers an optional water sensor, but it’s not included in the starter kit. In the very near future, they’’ be introducing an integrated video to go with additional sensors. To learn more about Ooma, click here and go ahead and upgrade your home security system.

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