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What Type Of Properties Should You Invest In?

Has your neighbor bought a brand spanking new sports car? Did they add an extension onto their home? Perhaps they have sold and moved to a bigger property. If any of these three things are true, it is highly likely that they made a killing at some point, investing in property. Now you probably find yourself thinking, huh maybe I should do the same. Before you get ahead of yourself and start thinking about what you might buy with all that money, it’s worth understanding an important detail. Property, homes, buildings, offices, villas, are products like anything else on the market.

They need to be promoted, they need to be advertised, and most crucially, they must appeal to a target customer. That’s important because it means that not all property investments are going to benefit you. You must find the type of property that homeowners dream about, that business owners are seeking and that tenants are looking for.

So, before you invest in property, you need to know what type of properties you should be looking to buy. This includes key details, certain styles and the right locations. Let’s get started by thinking about security and safety.

A Property Protected

Properties Should You Invest In

Any potential property owner always has security and safety on their mind. Young families are looking for a home where kids will feel safe; business owners are searching for offices where their financial assets are secure. As such, the security traits that you should be looking for will depend on your target buyer. You might be looking to invest in property for young families.

If that is this case, it is recommended that you look for homes built on a cul-de-sac, on a planned development. Cul-de-sacs are obviously beneficial because there are no through roads making them more secure. While planned developments allow homeowners to choose a place to live in a location where their neighbors are quite literally handpicked.

Young families are also looking for basic and yet the latest security features such as alarms and motion sensor lighting. Anything like this is going to make your property more appealing to these types of buyers but don’t go overboard thinking that the property you are looking for should have CCTV if it is a single house. This can suggest to buyers that it is a) an unsafe area and b) looks unwelcoming.

Business owners, on the other hand, are looking for CCTV like the tech you can see on as well as hard locks and extensive security software. In fact, we would hazard a guess that if you are investing in offices, then security and specifically advanced security should be at the top of your Wishlist.

If you’re buying holiday property to let out to tourists, you should consider purchasing a home in a gated street. Potential guests are going to love this because as well as having a luxurious feel, they will also be completely assured that their family is totally safe where they are staying.

Interior Design Excellence

Properties You Should Invest In

Should you buy a property that has furniture already in the building? That’s entirely up to you. But, if you’re looking to buy property that’s going to be attractive to new homeowners, you should be searching for buildings that have a minimalistic interior design. You can see examples of this on A minimalistic design looks clean, clear and contemporary. It is exactly what home buyers are searching for. Some of the key features to look out for are fitted furniture that looks like part of the architecture, cupboards without handles that simply open by being pressed and cream or white shades in the design.

You’ll find minimalistic styles in every type of property including, to an extent, offices. Don’t forget, business owners also want their property to look stylish and stunning, ready to win over clients. Pay attention to the entrance hall or reception area of these types of buildings when you are buying or perhaps even designing after your purchase. Another style that is certainly popular right now in the business world and to an extent, in private accommodation is outdoor areas that are inside. Artificial grass, a variety of plant life, perhaps even an attractive pond could all be fantastic features to look out for in a property that is worth investing in.

Keep to The Curb

Properties You Should Invest In

Of course, it’s not just the interior design that’s important. When you are looking at the style of a property, you should also think about curb appeal. Again, it’s a factor that’s important for both business addresses and private accommodation. When you are selling the property, the exterior is the first part that a buyer will see, as such, it can be crucial for that key first impression.

There are many ways to make sure that you buy a property that stands out on the curb. Or, that you make changes to a property that you have already invested in to attract potential buyers. If you’re looking at buying a property, check out the state of the exterior, particularly on older buildings. Are there cracks in the bricks? Is the style outdated? And is the roof damaged? Any issues here shouldn’t necessarily mean that you don’t commit to the investment, but you do have to be prepared to pay for the changes and ensure that it’s ready for the market. You can learn more about fixing up properties on

Consider buying a property with a unique feature as part of the exterior or just add one yourself. This could be a stone sculpture, a bird bath or a particularly impressive example of landscaping. Anything like this makes the property look more valuable and entices the buyer to purchase a place that is somewhat extraordinary.

Wait, What About Tenants?

Properties You Should Invest In

So far, we’ve focused mainly on buying property for resale purposes, so you might be wondering whether the rules are different when you’re buying homes or apartments to let. To an extent, the advice is still the same. Security features need to be in place, and if you are buying apartments, you should consider buying in a building that has its own entrance system with digital locking.

Curb appeal is important too, and at the very least tenants want to live or work somewhere that is clean and tidy. But, we would add on an extra feature to consider if you’re letting out property and that’s buying a place that has everything already set up. Consider the possibility of business offices. A business owner doesn’t want to spend weeks or even months getting everything they need put in place. So, if you can offer them a fully set up business office with furniture, internet connection and a telecommunications system ready to go, you can bet they will leap at the opportunity.

The same can be true for students who are generally in an economic circumstance which means an all-inclusive property will provide a massive advantage for them. You can profit letting out property that isn’t fully set up and established, and you should weigh up the costs and issues before you make this choice. There is one other factor that you’re going to need to look at when investing in property and that is location.

Location, Location, Location

Properties You Should Invest In

We already touched on this briefly when exploring security features. However, there is more to location than just security. You should be looking at transport links, infrastructure and nearby facilities as well. If you’re investing in family homes, look to buy properties that are nearby entertainment shops and community buildings. For offices, you might think it best to purchase in the middle of town. But as well as being overpriced, they may not be as attractive to business owners as they used to be. Instead, invest in the Suburban areas to get the buildings at a lower price and provide more space for business owners who may one day wish to expand.


We hope this advice helps you find the right property to invest in and ensure that you’re the next big winner with this business venture.

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