Common Male Image Concerns
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5 Of The Most Common Male Image Concerns

Everyone has their own individual problems in life. But these can often overlap into concerns which are common to a huge proportion of the population. In this blog post, we will be zeroing in on some of the most common male image concerns out there. With many of them, there are a few things that you can do to make them less of a factor in your life which we will also be discussing in more detail.

I Wish I Was Taller

Common Male Image Concerns

High up on the list (no pun intended), it is estimated that around half of men are unhappy with their height. A lot of men don’t feel comfortable going out with a woman who is taller than them as they find it emasculating. Unless you put yourself through expensive and painful surgery, there is not a lot that you can do about this. Work on other areas of your personality and appearance to improve your confidence and don’t try to overcompensate with bravado and loudness as no one appreciates that guy.

I Wish I Wasn’t Fat

Obesity is a growing problem in most developed countries, so if you are concerned about being overweight, you certainly aren’t on your own. It is a whole lot easier getting out of shape than it is staying in shape. Unlike height, weight is something you can control, and you are probably already well aware of the steps that you need to take (eating right, exercising etc.)

I Wish I Didn’t Still Get Spots

Unfortunately, acne isn’t only a problem which is consigned to your teenage years. Actually, one in five men suffer from acne to various degrees. Obviously, there are plenty of different treatments out there on the market, but you can also make lifestyle adjustments such as stopping smoking and cutting back on fatty foods which can make all the difference.

I Wish I Wasn’t Getting Wrinkles

Common Male Image Concerns

Wrinkles are a natural effect of the ageing process, and a big proportion of men start to worry about their skin once they hit their 30s. If you are not a huge fan of the idea of getting Botox, a good eye serum and anti-ageing moisturizer can make all the difference. Essentially, the more care that you give to your skin now, the better it will look in the future. Unfortunately, a lot of men aren’t willing to put in that initial bit of effort which is why they end up suffering.

I Wish I Wasn’t Losing My Hair

Hair loss has always been a big concern for men all around the world. Confidence and self-esteem can easily take a hit once you start to lose your hair, but there are more solutions starting to become available. Getting a hair transplant is one of them and there also companies like Capillus which offer a range of assorted products. The earlier you start to act, the bigger the chance of holding onto your hair for longer. Many guys are now opting for the NeoGraft method because it’s painless and fully awake during the entire procedure. The neograft cost isn’t as high as you think and you can return to normal activities as soon as the following day.

Rather than being consumed by concerns, it is important to accept the things that you can’t change and only try to alter the ones that you can.

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