Family Friendly Garden

How A Family Friendly Garden Can Bring Your Family Together

Family Friendly Garden

The family garden is the perfect space for the whole family to come together to eat, play and explore. As a Dad you can take great pride in creating an outdoor paradise for your whole family to enjoy that is both safe and full of fun for your little ones and partners alike. If you are super smart you can even create your own garden area that you can retreat away to when you require some much-needed man time.

Start With A Feature Piece

The best way to create your family friendly garden is to start with a central focal piece and work you way around it. Gardens are so much fun to remodel and you can make use of a whole selection of quirky and interesting garden features such as outdoor water fountains. These are like magnets for birds of all different breeds which will turn your garden into a magical aviary for your children to enjoy. Children love to learn about nature and will spend hours watching for different breeds of birds flying in for a drink of water.

Bringing The Family Together

Gardening can be a beneficial bonding activity to share with your children. Even little hands can help out with digging and planting and they will be amazed as they watch the fruits of their labor come to life in front of their eyes. The top 10 crops to plant for children include plants such as sunflowers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. Children love something that is fun and easy to plant and has a short growing season so they can see their work come to life without having too long to wait.

Take Your Family’s Health And Nutrition Into Your Own Hands

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is the only sure way to ensure that your family eats organically. You can take great peace of mind in knowing that the food that goes on your family’s plates every day is 100% healthy, organic and free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Having an allotment or vegetable plot in the garden is also a fantastic way of making sure you little ones will try lots of different vegetables. The mystery and magic of watching the different foods grow and the satisfaction of picking them out themselves will be too much for them to resist.

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