2Pac Ready 4 Whatever
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2Pac Ready 4 Whatever Featuring Big Syke Produced by Johnny J

2Pac Ready 4 Whatever

For the year 2018, I’ll try my best to do a Throwback Thursday almost every week. About 5 weeks ago, we all celebrated the 20 years anniversary of 2Pac’s R U Still Down? Album. While listening to the album, the first track from disc 2 features Big Syke and Johnny J. What stands out the most from the track is that all three of them are deceased. Of course, Pac died 21 years ago, Johnny J passed away in October of 2008 and Big Syke died last month. The tracks from the album was recorded between 1992-1994 and they’re pretty much how he recorded them. Check out the track below and enjoy my featured track, Ready 4 Whatever by 2Pac featuring Big Syke and produced by Johnny J.


What do you think about my Throwback Thursday track? What’s your favorite track with 2Pac and Big Syke? What’s your favorite Johnny J produced track? Leave a comment below.

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