Daddy’s Hangout 6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2018


It’s hard to believe that it’s 2018 already. For me, this year I’m going into the new year as a 40-year-old and for the last few days I’ve reflected on a lot of things. Now that my kids are getting older as my oldest daughter will graduate this year. While my youngest daughter still has a little over five years left in school, it’s time for me to start thinking about my future also. Everything will start for me this year and below are a few things I’ll be doing to better myself for the new year.

Eat Healthier

With my crazy, hectic and busy lifestyle, my choice of foods has been awful. When all else fails and I’m not planning dinner, take out tends to be what I’m going for. Trust me, the food I’ve been picking up isn’t what you would consider healthy. For the new year, I’ve already started to plan my meals in advance by creating a menu for the week. I’ll be honest, a lot of those times I’m so tired that I tend to just go get something to eat. Many people have taught me about meal prep, but this time I’m finally doing something about it. Since we all love various recipes for chicken breast, there’s a great site that help with diverse ways to prep the chicken. If all else fails, my wife and I will have to create healthy meals in a hurry.

Improve My Skin


I’ll be honest, my skincare was something I cared about, but nothing was taken seriously. Despite knowing about the proper skincare for dads, I’ve finally found something that’s good for me. Bloom Mineral Beauty sent me some products that’s good for my face and hands. It’s crazy because when talking to my wife about aging, we discussed how the skin on our face and hands. Bloom is made with the finest Dead Sea minerals along with Soybean Oil and Almond Shell granules gently exfoliates and removes impurities from your skin leaving behind smooth, clear and radiant skin.

Drink More Water

Towards the end of the year, my water intake increased a lot. For most of the year, I noticed that drinking sodas is something I had to do. When drinking water, I don’t feel as sluggish and my body just feels much better. Even though I’m drink about 96 ounces of water a day, the Mayo Clinic recommend that I drink about 3.7 liters a day. I’m steady working towards that goal and hopefully it’ll be something I achieve before the summer.

Remove Negativity Out of My Life

For the past couple years, I’ve spent so much time helping other people out. Later, you find out those people didn’t want to help themselves and they still had negative things to say about you. Whether it’s family or friends, I’ve been tuning them out who keep a negative attitude or talk about people all the time. In 2018, that’ll continue because negativity weighs you down and is bad on your health.

Get Together with Friends More

I’ve been fortunate to reconnect with some friends that I graduated with 20 years ago. We all are married with families, so that means when we get together we’re not doing anything stupid like we used to do. In addition to reconnecting with friends, I’ve got a couple of dudes that I like to get together on special occasions.

Reading More

One of my friends put out a challenge to begin the year and that’s to have a healthy mind. He challenges everyone to read one book a month and I accepted the challenge. My first book is about Muhammad Ali and it’s written by Tim Shanahan. It’s called Running with the Champ as it details his 40-year relationship with the late, great Ali.


These are a few things to keep going for the year of 2018. What are some of your resolutions for the new year? Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Leave a comment below.

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