Favorite Tropical Destinations

The Favorite Tropical Destinations This Winter

The current winter storm that has hit the U.S. is not only paralyzing several areas of the country. It also has a natural impact on your mood. If you haven’t heard of it, there’s such a thing as the winter depression, and it’s a serious mental condition called SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – that is triggered by the lack of natural sunlight. Needless to say, that the weather conditions are probably causing a wave of SAD affections throughout the U.S. If you’re dreaming of a sunny break, you might be tempted by the prospect of relaxing and rejuvenating tropical holiday. Firstly, the most appealing aspect of a tropical destination is, for now, the complete absence of snow. But, there is naturally a variety of other appealing factors, including recreational activities and a break from the everyday routine. How do you choose the best tropical holiday to escape the daily stress and relax away from the snowfall?


Ultimately, the question to ask yourself is how do you best chill out?

Thai massages

Favorite Tropical Destinations

If you need to release your muscles after the accumulation of nervous tensions, you have certainly heard of the health benefits of Thai massages. The best place to combine tropical landscape and Thai massages is naturally in Thailand, where you can feel your energy lines activate and stretch throughout your body… while sitting in a luxury spa resort. JW Marriott Khao Lak is the ideal destination for you. Located along the lesser known beach of Khao Lak, this charming fishing village has everything you need to soothe your muscles and your mind: A quiet beach, a traditional Thai feel, and taste _ the cuisine is delicious over there –, and the abundance of spa expertise. Let others take care of your relaxation!   

Island-ception: 37 beaches and 2 countries

What if all you need is the epitome of summer – sun, beach and the sea – to recharge your batteries? If this is the case, you should book a trip to the Caribbean, direction St. Maarten/St. Martin. With its 37 beaches governed by two nations – France and the Netherlands – the island attracts every year millions of American tourists who are looking for a sunny break. On the Dutch side, low prices, exciting nightlife and active shopping areas almost feel like being at home. The French side reminds of southern France with its quiet countryside and fine cuisine. If you love to a sightseeing holiday, you’ll fall in love with this resourceful island.

A lesson of coolness in Jamaica

Finally, why not embrace the clichés of coolness and visit Jamaica to discover a new perspective on life? You will find more churches per square mile in Jamaica than anywhere else. That’s because the island has a positive attitude towards spirituality – including Rastafarianism but not only – which influences its open-mindedness. Equal rights are a natural consequence of the Jamaican mindset, which promotes peace, freedom and rejects gender barriers. Who knows? Maybe the best way to relax is to open your mind, and no place does it better than Jamaica.

Favorite Tropical Destinations

What’s your secret to relax in the sun: An energy-releasing massage, a multicultural experience, or Rastafarian mindfulness? There’s a lot more than just sandy beaches in a tropical holiday!

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